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ARM7 devices Oscam file 2017-07-19

Sofcam panel with correct Oscam file for lateste ARM7 devices

  1. maionline
    1: Download this ipk.
    2: FTP over to /var/volatile/tmp
    3: Goto menu/setup/software management/install local extension/tmp and install the ipk
    4: Restart receiver
    5: Go to plugins menu/download plugins/softcams/oscam ARM without emu and install it
    6: Restart receiver
    7: FTP to var/keys/oscam_atv/oscam.server- Then second click and click edit
    8: Add your line in the form

    label = TV1
    protocol = newcamd
    device = server,port
    key = 0102030405060708091011121314
    user = username
    password = password
    inactivitytimeout = 60
    group = 1
    emmcache = 1,3,31
    blockemm-unknown = 1
    blockemm-u = 1
    blockemm-s = 1
    blockemm-g = 1

    Click the save button and exit the file. The receiver should ask you something along the lines of do you want to upload the file back to the server? Click yes

    9: Goto menu/infopanel/softcam panel and then click the right button on select cam 1 until you see oscam_atv 1.2 11353 and then click start
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