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Dsayers custommix importer (sat and cable mixer) 2017-03-11

Plugin to swap Sky HD channels with Virgin

  1. dsayers2014
    Plugin to install my latest sat_282_sky_uk_CustomMix.xml from my github branch. What this will do is swap the none working sat hd channels for vm so you only need one set of sky bouquets using Autobouquetsmaker

    Unzip and ftp the ipk tmp

    To install it on box

    Menu... setup... software management... install local extension
    Press ok on the package
    press green to install.

    Menu > setup > VIX > Iplkg install or install loca extenrions
    Press ok on the package
    press green to install.

    Reboot box

    now you need to set your bouquets
    menu>setup>service searching>Autobouquets maker> providers my recommended settings are:

    sky roi: no
    sky uk: yes
    sky uk: area HD not custom or sd
    generate bouquets yes
    channel swap to yes
    virgin uk: yes
    virgin generate bouquets to no i have main bouquet to yes for epgrefresh
    Press green to save.

    In autobouqetesmaker you need to go to providers order sat_282_sky_uk needs to be at the top highlight it and press blue button to move it up once done press green to save.

    In autobouqetesmaker go to configure and check include 'not indexed' channels is yes this will give you the extra roi channels ie sky sports 5 roi green to save.

    now we need to setup Dsayers CustomMix plugin

    menu>setup>service searching>Dsayer CustomMix

    Press yellow to download the xml

    Change Enable autofech to yes if you want it to download the xml automatically

    Lead time change this to the time you want it to download before you have abm scheduled to run.

    If you decide this isn't for you in the plugin press blue button to delete file then Enable autofetch to no.

    I would like to thank wooshman for helping me with the the original customupdater plugin. A big thank you to Huevos for creating The Dsayers CustomMix plugin and jasper1974, abu baniaz and Rossi for providing the original custom file that Ive edited without these wonderful people i wouldn't have known where to start so thank you guys hopefully others can enjoy these edits.