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Dsayers Zgemma H2H OpenATV 6 Series V2.4

Dsayers OpenAtv for zgemma H.2H

  1. V2.4 Update

    Small update just to keep software upto date for ABM changes and skins updated
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  2. Just updated to get around Software Update issues

    Imaged Updated to get around software update issues
  3. Update to fix Audio and ABM issues

    Small Update to fix audio issues and keep the image fresh
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  4. V2.1 Updated

    ABM Updated to 2.8

    Dsayers CustomMix Importer renamed to ABM Importer, Users can now download varies CustomMix files ie Dsayers Sky Free to are into Virgin UK and Iresh users can now use Jawz CustomMix to add Virgin IE channels into Sky UK

    EPG Importer latest version installed.
  5. Dsayers OpenATV 6 Series


    Based on OpenATV 6.1

    - ABM HD channel rename bug fixed no need for delete and manual scan, it will rename on every ABM scan
    - Vskin updated with better EPG Tabs Thanks to KiddaC
    - Latest CrossEPG working (0.8.2)
    - IPTV Bouquet Maker (E2m3u2bouquet plugin) available to download via download plugins instruction in guide. Thanks to Suls for this plugin.
    - Zeggy/Help SNP Picon Updater available via download plugins
    - Up to 14 day VM EPG via crossepg thanks to jenseneverest...