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Grogbbuild - H2H and H5.2tc ATV 6.1 cable 2018-01-10

Simple ATV 6.1 build for Zgemma H2H and H5.2tc with kiddac vskin

  1. general update and picons added to downloadable plugins

    I have just rebuilt Grogbuild for the H2H and H52tc from scratch using the latest ATV 6.1 as a base.

    I have also added the picons to the downloadable plugin list so if when you first boot the box up after flashing (assuming usb stick is mounted correctly) the picons don't install automatically or if you want to update them you can do the following :

    From TV picture press the Green button to take you to the Plugin browser.
    Press red button to take you to remove plugins list.
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  2. software up.date issue fixed

    This update has been created from scratch to fix the ATV 6.1 software update fix.

    Note the h52tc update is dated 2017-12-02 and the h2h update is 2017-11-29, this is just down to the date they were built
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  3. update to h2h image

    Earlier this evening I rebuilt the build for the H2H with the latest ATV 6.1 image. There are two updates I've made:

    1. The Menu -> Setup -> Usage & Gui -> Customize menu has been crashing the box. Thanks to @dsayers2014 this has now been fixed and the Customize menu is fully functional

    2. I've had a few requests for a version number to be added so if you flash online you know if its a new build. I have made changes so if you go to flash online, next to Grogbuild you...
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  4. software update to include audio fix and abm 2.9

    This update fixes the issue with the audio that has haunted us all over the past week or so.

    If you already have grogbuild installed, you could try a software update (blue button -> update software) first, if it warns there are too many updates or that your image is old then you are better off reflashing.

    If you have installed grogbuild since beginning of October then you should be able to flash online by pressing the blue button on remote and then selecting Flash online from the menu on...
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  5. rebuild h2h image

    It appears some had issues with the build I uploaded a couple of days ago, with it getting stuck on 37. I reflashed my box with it with no issues but noticed I had left the iptv player plugin off of the image so have added that back in and rebuild the image. Hopefully there wont me any more issues
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  6. Autobouquetmaker config files updated and software update

    Quick update with latest abm and abm config files and software update. Hope it helps with hd channels with sound issues
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  7. update to latest nightly build of atv6.1 and abm 2.8

    This is a rebuild of grogbuild using the latest nightly build of ATV 6.1, the latest abm 2.8 which fixes recent issues and the latest epg importer with latest sources.
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  8. new epg import sources

    Just a software update which includes new epg rytec sources. If you already have the build installed just run a software update (Menu -> Settings -> Software Management -> Software Update) and once the box has rebooted check the epg import sources as described in main post.
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  9. updated skins and added tabs to epg 25-08-2017

    Just updated with new kiddac skins and enabled tabs in epg, no need to update unless you need these as nothing else has really changed
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  10. fixed mgcamd config

    I hadn't included the mgcamd and cccam config files in the image, updated the image with them now
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