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Grogbbuild - H5.2tc ATV 6.1 cable 2017-07-12

Simple ATV 6.1 build for Zgemma H5.2tc with kiddac vskin

  1. grog68
    This is my first build release, it has been used on a few boxes that I have set up so there should be no issues, it has the satellite tuner disabled but instructions below if you wish to use it.

    CCcam 2.3.0, mgcamd_1.38r1 and oscam_atv 1.2 installed
    Kiddacs SlyK HD, vskin-HD and slyk-q skins installed - Vskin-HD set up as default.

    Installed Plugins :
    • Dream Explorer
    • EPG-Importer
    • IPTV Player
    • Media Player
    • Media Scanner
    • Movie Organisor
    • OpenWebif
    • Picture player
    In addition, @dsayers modifications to EPGList and UsageConfig are installed for channel numbers.

    Picons are installed on your HD when your HD is first setup.


    A simple script of mine updates the 'Top Pick', 'In My Shows', 'You Might Like' and 'Watch now' images on the Vskin-HD menu screen via crontab twice a day. Similar to the Top Pick addon for the Slyk 1 HD skin (addon not installed)


    Download the zip file and unzip it to a usb stick. So your usb stick should now contain the zgemma folder and it's contents. Browse to zgemma/h5 folder and rename noforce to force.

    Turn off your box and insert the usb stick into the rear usb port and turn the box on. The LED display will say FLSH for a few minutes before the box reboots.

    Remove the USB stick from the back of the box and insert a blank usb stick/hdd for recordings etc. I recommend nothing less than 64GB. Now press the menu button on remote and select Setup -> System -> Storage Device -> Initialisation -> YOUR USB DEVICE -> Red Button.

    Once the initialisation has completed, hold the power button on remote until a menu appears and select 'Restart Gui'.

    Once restarted, just make sure the usb stick/hdd is mounted correctly by pressing the RED button on the remote and selecting Plugins -> Mount Manager. Your USB device should be listed and should say Mount: /media/hdd

    If it does just press the exit button until you exit the menus, if it doesn't press the Green button to Setup Mounts and using the Left/Right arrows on the remote change the mount until /media/hdd is selected and press the Green button to save. Answer yes if prompted to restart the box.

    Now we need to set up your NetID, if you don't know it check my NetID map at h52tc.com/netids.html and select the Town closest to you. Now press the Menu Button and select Setup -> Service Searching -> Tuner Configuration -> Tuner B

    Using the numeric keys on your remote enter your Net ID in the Network ID field. I then set Provider to Scan to Virgin Media UK (Pure) but as we're using ABM this doesn't matter.

    Press Green button to save and then select Tuner C and repeat the last step.

    If you are using satellite as well select Tuner A and using the Right arrow key on remote change Configuration mode to Simple and press the Green button to save. You may have to press the Green button again if the box scans for satellites.

    Now press the exit button once to return to Service Searching menu and select AutoBouquetsMaker->Providers

    If wanting Freesat (ie no premim channels) change FreeSat UK to Yes and then using the left/right arrows on remote change FreeSatUK Area to the Area you wish to use. Change the bouquet settings for Freesat as you see fit. I personally just have Main bouquet set to Yes (All Channels) with the other bouquet settings set to no.

    If you have a Satellite Line and want the remaining premium change Sky UK to yes and then set the Sky UK:area to your area, and then again set Sky UK: generate main bouquet to yes(All channels) and as above set the sky uk bouquet options as you want.

    Now move down to Virgin (UK):Area and using the left/right arrow keys scroll through the list of Net ID's until the one you entered in tuner config above is highlighted. DO NOT change the bouquet options.
    Now press the GREEN button to save.

    Now select Providers order, make sure cable_uk_virgin is the top item, if not highlight the sat items and press the blue button to move them below the cable_uk_virgin and then press the GREEN button to save changes.

    Now press the Green button to run a scan.

    Once the scan has completed, press the exit button 4 times to return to TV picture and then press the green button and select EPG-Importer.

    Press the Blue button to select sources.

    Now select 'Rytec UK/Ireland Virgin XMLTV' so the box is ticked. Now find and select the 'Rytec UK Sat XMLTV' if you have a sat feed connected. (I found the freesat channels didn't populate straight away but when I ran another abm scan it appeared).

    Press the Green button to save.

    Now press the Yellow button to run a scan. Select yes when prompted. On the right you will see 'Importing: Rytec xxx' once the importing has finished it will show 'Last Updated' with the date.

    You can exit this plugin now and the import will continue iin the background.

    V-Skin is already setup with pics in menus changing daily

    slyk1hd included with no mods, just set it as your skin – menu, setup, usage and gui skin setup

    Kiddacs sly-q with no mods included just set as your skin – menu, setup, usage and gui skin setup

    Now you need to install and set up your line, if you are using cccam or mgcamd you need to put your CCcam.cfg or newcamd.list file into the /usr/keys folder, if using oscam then the oscam.server file needs to go into /usr/keys/oscam_atv folder.

    Now restart the cam by pressing the Menu button and selecting InfoPanel -> Softcam Panel. Use the left/right keys to set the cam1 to the cam type you are using and then press the GREEN button to restart it.

    I hope that covers it, if I've missed anything please let me know.

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  1. Altered the way picons are fetched

Recent Reviews

  1. muddym2002
    Version: 2017-07-12
    Very good image and easy to set up
    1. grog68
      Author's Response
      Thank you:)
  2. isotonic_uk
    Version: 2017-07-12
    Useful guide, thanks, Does this work with Zgemma H2H?
    1. grog68
      Author's Response
      No sorry this is a h5.2tc image