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Grogbbuild - H7c ATV 6.1 cable 2018-03-03

Simple ATV 6.1 build for Zgemma H7c with kiddac vskin

  1. updated atv etc so upto date

    I don't have an H7 so not able to update regularly so when I had access to a box today I totally rebuilt the build for this box with latest nightly build of ATV 6.1 and there are no software updates available at the time of building.
  2. Fixes atv 6.1 software update

    This update was build from scratch to fix the ATV 6.1 software update issue.
  3. Fixed Customize menu so doesn't crash the box now

    Earlier this morning I rebuilt the build for the H7C with the latest ATV 6.1 image. There are two updates I've made:

    1. The Menu -> Setup -> Usage & Gui -> Customize menu has been crashing the box. Thanks to @dsayers2014 this has now been fixed and the Customize menu is fully functional

    2. I've had a few requests for a version number to be added so if you flash online you know if its a new build. I have made changes so if you go to flash online, next to Grogbuild you...
  4. software update to include audio fix and abm 2.9

    software update to bring in latest atv fixes for the audio issues
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  5. updated abm conf files

    this is a quick update, the abm conf files where updated today so should fix the audio problems on the HD channels that abm team have fixed to date.
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  6. update latest atv 6.1

    Just a rebuild with latest nightly build of atv 6.1
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  7. updated skins and added tabs to epg

    Just updated with new kiddac skins and enabled tabs in epg, no need to update unless you need these as nothing else has really changed
  8. Altered the way picons are fetched

    In the initial release a locally stored ipk file was installed to install the picons when first being set up.

    I have altered the method used so the picons are now downloaded from our server to /media/hdd/picon if the folder does not already exist. In addition only the picons for virmin and UK sat are downloaded saving a large amount of space that is wasted by unused picons.

    If channels or picons change, delete the /media/hdd/picon folder and then restart gui and they will be downloaded...