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Grogbuild FreeRange 2018-09-20

the new grogbuild for all boxes

  1. change box hostname during setup

    I have added a new prompt to the setup script, now if you don't opt to restore your settings you will be prompted to enter a new box hostname, if you wish to keep it as the default hostname just hit the enter key when prompted.
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  2. now works on OpenVIX

    Grogbuild FreeRange will (should) now work on OpenVIX. I have tested this on my VU+, I have not tested on any box that OpenVIX does not support such as a zgemma.

    Also prompts you for netID and Sky/FreeSat regions during installation if not restoring from a backup.
  3. boxes tested on

    So far this build has been tested on the following boxes:

    Zgemma H1
    Zgemma H2
    Zgemma H2H
    Zgemma H4
    Zgemma H5.2tc
    Zgemma H7C
    Zgemma H9T
    Vu + Uno 4K
    Vu+ Solo SE
    Edison OS Mini
    Miraclebox Hybrid Mini
    Formuler F1

    Please let me know if you install on any other box