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Grogbuild - H4 ATV 6.1 2018-01-31

Simple ATV 6.1 build for zgemma H4 with Kidac's skins

  1. software update

    just rebuild the build for h4 with latest ATV 6.1 build and up to date software.

    I do not know if this latest update will fix the HD channel issue some appear to be having recently as I've not had the issue, feel free to let me know if it does/does not.

    Rather than reflashing you may find updating abm config files will fix the hd channel issue, menu -> setup -> service searching -> Autobouquetsmaker -> update config files and then run a scan after update.
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  2. Fixes atv 6.1 software update

    This build was rebuilt from scratch with latest nightly build to fix the software update issue atv 6.1 had for a time
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  3. Fixed Customize menu so it doesn't crash the box

    I have rebuilt the build for the H4 with the latest ATV 6.1 image. There are two updates I've made:

    1. The Menu -> Setup -> Usage & Gui -> Customize menu has been crashing the box. Thanks to @dsayers2014 this has now been fixed and the Customize menu is fully functional

    2. I've had a few requests for a version number to be added so if you flash online you know if its a new build. I have made changes so if you go to flash online, next to Grogbuild you will see the date it...
  4. software update to include audio fix and abm 2.9

    This update fixes the issue with the audio that has haunted us all over the past week or so.

    If you already have grogbuild installed, you could try a software update (blue button -> update software) first, if it warns there are too many updates or that your image is old then you are better off reflashing.

    If you have installed grogbuild since beginning of October then you should be able to flash online by pressing the blue button on remote and then selecting Flash online from the menu on...
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  5. Autobouquetmaker config files updated and software update

    Just a quick update, abm config files updated today so should fix some of the audio issues on HD channels that is effecting most boxes.
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  6. Latest Atv 6.1 nightly build with abm 2.8

    Just a rebuild using the latest atv 6.1 nightly build
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  7. epg importer out of date

    EPG Importer has been changing source feeds recently and I have yet to update the backup image so if your epg stops updating you will need to update the EPG Importer plugin.

    From tv picture press the Green button followed by the red button to take you to 'removable plugins' Now select extensions and then once that opens select epgimport. Select yes when prompted to remove the plugin.

    Now press the exit button once and then press the green button to take you to the 'downloadable plugins'...
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