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Mutant HD51 Backup Image OpenATV 6.0 for Cable, satellite and a combo image 2017-03-12

Basic image to get you up and running, configured with Oscam

  1. dangerous
    Mutant HD51 Back up image OpenATV 6.0 for :

    Twin Cable
    Single Satellite

    Satellite and Cable

    Pick the image you require from the dropbox

    Basic image
    Metrix HD skin
    Oscam loaded to get you up and running quickly.

    Download your own plugins (if you need any) or load your own skins, or just enjoy what i've done with the stock image.
    Oscam running like a dream, just edit the Oscam.server file and away you go.

    To access Oscam type the receiver ip plus :8888 into your web browser and edit the files/oscam.server file

    Example :

    Any feedback would be a bonus, thanks ;-)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Riley24
    Version: 2017-03-12
    Great image for starting