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New OpenDonki For All VU+ Models 2018-02-24


  1. Ten Below
    New OpenDonki For All VU+ Models


    OpenDonki is a custom built OBH image
    Image Version: 4.1.019 (Release)
    Build Date: 24/02/2018
    Enigma2 Version: 22/02/2018
    GStreamer: 1.13.0
    Python: 2.7.13
    Skin: Waves1

    Addons Included With This Build
    Satvenus Panel
    Cool TV Guide Full HD
    DLNA/uPnP Browser
    AutoBouquets 28.2E
    IPTV Bouquet Maker (Sulls)
    VU+ Explorer
    Merlin Music Player
    Mediaportal (Greyzone & Adult Enabled)
    Movie Organisor
    IPTV Player

    Button Changes
    R/L = Zap up/Zap down
    EPG short press has been reconfigured to open cool TV Guide



    No passwords are set in this image.

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