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WilloBuild OpenViX for Zgemma OpenViX 5.1.024

The latest OpenViX for Zgemma receivers

  1. Willo3092
    The latest OpenViX 5.1 series for Zgemma's with KiddaC's Slyk1-HD , V-skin red and Slyk-Q skins.

    Just testing the water really, to see if there is any demand for a ViX build for Zgemma users.
    Please leave feedback and let me know how it performs and if it works well with IPTV etc.
    There are full instructions in the download zip file.

    The following receivers are supported:



    If you already have my build and want to update:
    Menu > Setup > ViX > Backup Manager
    Make a new backup with the green button, flash the updated build and then restore the backup from Backup Manager.
    This will restore your settings and line.







    Many thanks to:
    KiddaC for his amazing skins
    dsayers2014 for his custom mix plugin
    Grog68 for his Movie Organisor plugin
    jenseneverest for his 14 day EPG
    The Slyk1-HD modding crew


    If you like my build please come back and leave a rating
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Recent Updates

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  2. OpenViX 5.1.022
  3. OpenViX 5.1.020

Recent Reviews

  1. FULLMOON26021979
    Version: OpenViX 5.1.022
    easy to put on to usb pen nice and bright works well with iptv channels and extream editor but when you want to down load plugins with the green button it wont let you a measage appers on screen please update to a new image and flash can this be fixed.
    1. Willo3092
      Author's Response
      I'll be updating the image over the next few days and should be okay then. Thanks for the review ☺
  2. peloquin
    Version: OpenViX 5.1.020
    First VIX install, looks great so far
  3. morph1963
    Version: OpenViX 5.1.019
    thought I would go back to openvix on zgemma your build is brilliant thanks for your work
    Version: OpenViX 5.1.019
    The build is really good and easy to setup but i have a blue line across the top of screen i have been in to osd position and its still there is there anything else i could try. Soz ive wrote it on here but dnt know how else to contact you many thanks
    1. Willo3092
      Author's Response
      Sorted - It turned out to be the TV settings ☺
  5. Keith Forsythe
    Keith Forsythe
    Version: OpenViX 5.1.019
    Works great on my gemma. Using with satellite and not IPTV yet. Enjoy your pint :)
    1. Willo3092
      Author's Response
      Thank you kind sir, much appreciated ☺
  6. wardykid79
    Version: OpenViX 5.1.016
    Great build.. is there any way of replacing blank HD channels on vm that have been removed with sd? Cheers
    1. Willo3092
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate, have a look at the Custom Mix Importer in Tuner Config. dsayers has been looking at this but not sure if it's incorporated yet.
  7. tboss
    Version: OpenViX 5.1.016
    works great, easy setup, simple but effective
  8. Jo71
    Version: 5.1.011
    Zgemma box was stuck on boot used this build and sorted problem straight away, easy to follow instructions, thank you
  9. cymbeline
    Version: 5.1.009
    Brill work. Many thanks. Works a treat on my H2S cannot get it to flash my 2S though. Shame.
    1. Willo3092
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate. There hasn't been a ViX release for the 2S since 4.2.009 so you'll have to stick with ATV on that one I'm afraid.
      You can't flash H2S firmware to a 2S anyway.
  10. ChrisDK
    Version: 5.1.009
    Works great, only 1 problem I have, on the top of the screen it says 99% buffering all the time. Can't get rid of it (using iptv).
    1. Willo3092
      Author's Response
      Might be worth asking in the IPTV forum mate. I've never used IPTV so not sure what the problem might be. Is the HDD set at /media/hdd and ext4 R/W? Have you set a swap file? Sounds like an internet or provider problem if the HDD is set correctly. Thanks for the review anyway.