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WooshBuild v5 - Edision os mini - twin sat 2017-03-30

WooshBuild v5 works on numerous boxes.

  1. wooshman

    If you use WooshBuild please leave a rating on this download.

    WooshBuild v5:
    • Zgemma HS, H2S
    • Zgemma H2H - Beta
    • Zgemma S, 2S, H1*, H2*
    • Zgemma H5-2S
    • Vu+ Solo4k - Twin sat version
    • Vu+ Zero
    • Xtrend 8500 (ET8500) - Twin Sat version
    • Vu+ Solo2
    • Edision os mini - twin Sat
    You will download BaseBuild, this is the starting point of flashing and will get you up and running within 15 minutes.

    BaseBuild is an on screen setup process which is easy to use.

Recent Reviews

  1. aimar786
    Version: 2017-03-30
    Looks good
  2. nemas
    Version: 2017-03-30
    brilliant thanks
  3. 50farrow
    Version: 2017-03-30
    Very good build
  4. scrobnob
    Version: 2017-03-30
    Easy to set up and use . obviously a lot of hard work has gone into this .