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WooshBuild v7: Zgemma H2S, H2H, H52S, H52TC, H7S/C, i55, Vu+ Solo2, Duo2, Zero, Formuler F1, Edision 2017-12-17

WooshBuild v7 (openATV 6.1) for Zgemma, Vu+, Forumler F1 and other boxes.

  1. Nord VPN now added to the Easy VPN plugin

    We have now added Nord to the list of VPN providers in the Easy VPN Adder plugin.

    If not already installed, it can be found in the wooshbuild section of the plugins screen.

    The connected VPN detection time varies between providers with Nord currently taking 8 seconds to get a true connection state. Any less than this and the Nord VPN server was not responding giving a connected OK image but no change of IP. Other providers are set to 4 seconds.
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  2. Xtream Editor 2.10, Digibit, PIA and IPVanish added to the VPN plugin

    No need to manually install the Xtream Editor using FTP or you computer network. Just open the plugin screen, then the green button and find it in the extensions section.

    The Easy VPN adder now has 3 providers: Digibit, PIA and IP Vanish.
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  3. Added VPN Adder plugin

    Added a new plugin which will allow DigiBit VPN users to simply add their user details and choose which country to run VPN through. No need to copy any files when you want to change servers, just choose the country.

    Clearly indicates if the VPN service is running and the current IP address in use.