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Xtream Editer IPTV Plugin Enigma 2 ipk 2017-07-09

To Set Up IPTV

  1. russ087
    Xtream Editer IPTV Plugin Enigma 2 ipk

    To Set Up IPTV on Zgamma with EPG very simple and fast,

    just add the IPK file to a usb or tmp folder and install,

    set the app to update and add EPG from the first page then give your IPTV suppler the code then hit get setting and hit load,

    once done hit save and enjoy

Recent Reviews

  1. FULLMOON26021979
    Version: 2017-07-09
    easy to use and ad your line to zgemma boxes good for adding iptv channels on to your box good for movies and sports