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123 Movies

Discussion in 'Enigma 2 - Plugins' started by Rexthewolf, Jul 16, 2017 at 5:49 PM.

  1. Rexthewolf

    Rexthewolf Member

    I used to use 123 Movies as my go to movies app, but it is no longer included in the IPTVplayer (Whooshbuild 6). Dont no why it is no longer there but can it be added to the player? Any help would be great

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  2. bazcfc1

    bazcfc1 Member

    It has been shut down and opend back up as go movies to what I was reading about other day a lot of streaming apps are getting shut down but opening under different names and using proxy's
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  3. Rexthewolf

    Rexthewolf Member

    Thanks for the info. I'll try Go

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  4. leemoo

    leemoo Member

    Try Cartoon HD an all as this is my fave at the moment. All the latest movies on there.
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  5. gaelic-red

    gaelic-red Member

    Agree with leemo cartoon hd seems solid and vumoo is good too
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