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A Buyers Guide To The Best Box

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by bees, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. yatman67

    yatman67 Registered

    Hi looking to get a new box any opinions on these or alternative for Sly only. Mutant hd51 uk or VU+ Solo2 thanks
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  2. Smokez89

    Smokez89 Registered

    Looking for a new box, one of the big boys.. Currently have a Zgemma H2H with both a VM + Sly feed - I didn't really do enough research before buying so didn't realise I'd have to purchase separate lines etc but it is what it is, and definitely appreciate the HD channels, could I do away with the sat feeds an go multiple cable tuners and not lose out on channels and recording capabilities?..

    Multiple recordings is my issue and avoiding conflicts, I'm willing to spend a few Bob but want the best for my money, still unsure on how best to make use of my available feeds.

    Currently have 2 with an optional 3rd sat feed in living room and 1 cable feed.. Can cable feeds be split to run on separate tuners okay?

    Newbie questions I know, but multi channel recording and minimizing conflicts is definitely the main priority..

    My eyes are currently on Gigablue, Vu+ etc but which one - 4k isn't necessary but I want the best bang for buck.

    Advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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  3. dangerous

    dangerous TK Veteran

    None on a decent server
  4. Dannyoedo

    Dannyoedo Registered

    Hi there, I'm new to the group, but have been running an f5s box for the last couple of years with no issues.
    My main reason for posting is that I feel it's time to upgrade my box and am looking at something that I can use like a standard box (sly based menu system, ability to pause, record, rewind etc.. that will auto update channel lists etc... so I don't need to flash like I do with the f5s).
    Now I understand I'm using clines as VM isn't in my area and I'm going to need dual tuners and hard drive to record to. But what I want to know is which box to go for, cost isn't really high on my list but picture quality and performance is, I just want a good quality solid reliable performer that's going to last.
    Also and this is the potentially stupid question, when running a dual tuner setup to enable recording etc.. Do I need to run two cables from my lnb or will the current single feed be OK?
  5. jay20

    jay20 Registered

    Which Zgemma is better ZGEMMA H.2H OR H.2S
  6. shariifi

    shariifi Registered

    I have used most enigma2 receivers VU+, Zgemma, Cloud Ibox, and openbox. All of these boxes require some technical knowledge.

    Now I bought ISTAR A65000 PLUS WITH 15 MONTHS ONLINE TV for only £155. Includes 2000+ channels including HD channels, Around the world TVs, SKY UK all channels.
    You can renew every year for around £60.
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  7. flimbyite

    flimbyite Registered

    Looking to purchase a new box this week. Don't have cable in my area. Toss up between VU duo2, Octagon SF4008 & Mutant HD51. Would like all satellite channels and be able to use kodi or something similar on it. Prefer to have an internal HDD and as easy as possible to use as better half has no patience. What do you reckon is my best option?
    Thanks in advance
  8. jay20

    jay20 Registered

    I think am going to go for the mutant hd51 just trying to find a good vm gift line
  9. v1ks

    v1ks Registered


    i just got VM installed and looking to get a new box to replace my h2s ..been looking at the mutant hd51...and the Edision OS mini...but cant decide... i just want to be able to record from the VM due to HD...
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  10. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Have a look at the

    Vu+ Solo SE V2 Twin Tuner DVB-C/T/T2 Cable / Terrestrial Linux HD PVR Ready Receiver

    Twin cable tuner, watch one channel, record another, both in HD
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  11. v1ks

    v1ks Registered

    Thanks i will look into this further, i did have a quick look when going through this thread as its been suggested but wasnt sure about the hybrid Tuners, are they reliable as opposed to the fixed ones?

    Also i guess in future if i wanted to use it with sly i could just change the tuner it being hybrid..?

    one of the other things i was looking for was being able to mount the hdd inside the box but not many do this.

    thanks...i shall read more and decide soon...
  12. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    Xtrend 8500 the cheapest easiest box I can think of that you can easily swap HDDs and tuners out of(up to 4).

    The VU is fixed I'm sure but can use a USB tuner.
  13. Jeffo

    Jeffo Registered

    Need help decided on which box to get.

    I have a Sky dish, and 75mb VM Broadband.

    I would like something like Sky with HD channels, so I can record etc,. Sports is the main priority.

    Can anyone recommend a box?
  14. Gazzablackbox

    Gazzablackbox Registered

    Bees brilliant guide think it helps people choose a whole lot better to be fair

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  15. maxal

    maxal Registered

    Anyone looking for a new box the Edison OS-Mega has been recommended a few times on this thread. I am selling one which is only 3 weeks old have a look in the for sale section and save your self some money.
  16. Willo3092

    Willo3092 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Have you gone legit? First the SF4008 and now the OS Mega!
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  17. maxal

    maxal Registered

    Getting ready for the new Gigablue box
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  18. Walkers1867

    Walkers1867 Registered

    Afternoon, had an openbox for a couple of years but looking to upgrade current got VM broadband and a Sly dish

    What's the best way forward please?
  19. bennycap

    bennycap Registered

    Beware a portal called "buy iptv " just paid 27 quid for 4 days then server gone blank
    Reckon I've been robbed
  20. Mike5783

    Mike5783 Registered

    Hi all

    I currently just have Virgin Media broadband. No TV package or box or anything. No Sky dish either.
    Do I have many options (if at all?)

    Would I be right in thinking the Zgemma h2h is my only real option?