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Amiko Combi

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by Sweaney, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. Sweaney

    Sweaney Member

    I've got a Amiko Combi, flashed FM, worked once before but died second time?

    Any-body know where I get SW for dead Amiko Combi ie; loader through RS232?
    Plus instructions?
  2. gravehead

    gravehead Member

    what do you mean flashed FM?
  3. blueco

    blueco Member

    bitmore info loads of amiko combi
  4. Sweaney

    Sweaney Member

    Sorry, Firmware!
  5. gravehead

    gravehead Member

    i wouldn't bother trying to fix your box with RS232 cable, the usb ones don't work, you need the one with the 9 pin connector. the problem with these is that you need an old pc or laptop to connect it to (usually windows XP)
    but to be honest i tried all this, got RS232 usb cable which didn't work, bought a used XP pc, bought 2 9pin RS232 cables (one from china which didn't work so got one from uk which didn't work) spent hours getting nowhere and ready to throw it thru the window.
    i spent more than £100 trying to fix it, twice as much as a new amiko
    so to be honest do what i did and buy a new amiko (mine was £53 from well known auction site) flash it yourself, add your line and enjoy, i was up and running in 20 mins
    use this guide - /general-cable-tv/61348-amiko-mini-hd-combo-tutorial.html to set box up from scratch
    life's too short!!!

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