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Amiko mini combo reboots while scanning for channel

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by iking, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. iking

    iking Member

    Hello All,

    I tried to scan for cable channels in Amiko mini combo hd box, it reboots itself half the way. I tried to scan multiple times but same result. [Sat channels are running fine with the box].

    I have latest lavatronics firmware (FTP updated to 13 Jan firmware).

    Your help is much appreciated.

  2. msolkar

    msolkar Member

    I am having the same problem, I have tried a few different firmwares but all seem to be rebooting when I'm scanning cable channels.

    It seems to be working fine with sat channels so, I don't think there's anything wrong with the box, unless I'm mistaken.

    Hope someone can help with this problem.

  3. iking

    iking Member

    Hello msolkar.. Finally I got this going. If your box has lavatronics firmware go to October 25th one and then scan it if that does not work go one earlier than that. For me October 25th firmware fixed it and I got channels scanned.

    Hope this helps.

  4. msolkar

    msolkar Member

    Hi mate
    Thanks for that, any chance you could tell me what version of firmware it is?

    The problem is that if I try to put the lavatories firmware on it by usb, box reboots and shows ident -----.
    I then have to install it by the com port.
    I will definitely give it a try tho.
  5. iking

    iking Member

  6. msolkar

    msolkar Member

    Hi mate

    Thanks a lot mate, worked a treat.

    Really appreciated.
  7. iking

    iking Member

    No problem Welcome to the world of HD lol
  8. 44m17

    44m17 Member

    hi mate,

    i'm having the same problem on the amiko mini combo hd se box but it doesn't have an image that old for this box

    do you have a solution?


  9. 557953

    557953 Member

    Wonder if the Cable Scanning issues have been fixed now with one of the most recent releases, you would think Lavatronics would be aware of such an issue, or maybe its not fixable....
  10. 44m17

    44m17 Member

    nope still the same with the latest lavatronics software


  11. 557953

    557953 Member

    Thanks for replying, I know it makes little difference which FW is used, but I feel inferior using out of date Software/Firmware lol, I'm the kinda guy thats clicking every 5 mins check for new update on my android when one is due, not that 5.0.1 is better than 5.0.0 but I just want cutting/bleeding edge damn it!
  12. 557953

    557953 Member

    Which other Fw's are available I've only heard of the Stock Amiko and Lavatronics, I assume for a reasonably popular receiver there will likely be a couple more???
  13. malty

    malty Member

    Anyone know where you can get older Lavatronics firmwares? My box is constantly rebooting (and driving me mad) but the LAVATRONICS-282E-ALLSD+FTAHD-211014-COMBO.abs, muted as the solution is no longer on their downloads page? Help

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    I should clarify - it reboots on pretty much every time I run any type of scan (dvb-c)
  14. groove_timer

    groove_timer Member

    Hi malty,

    Same issue here. try this link

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    When I try and downgrade the firmware going through the Upgrade By USB option and using the 211014-COMBO.abs file it says download failed.
    Anyone able to help.

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    Actually Not sure if the firmware will work for my box. The location is taking me into the Amiko Mini Combo Archive area. But the box I have is the Mini Combo HD SE.

    Anyone have the abs to fix the reboot issue for the Mini Combo HD SE ?


    ---------- Post Merged at 04:38 PM ----------

    Ok, Got it working. Use the latest lavatronics firmware dated 19062015.. Seems they have fixed the scan problem :)
    Now how do I get access to the hidden Line setup to add my line details....
  15. groove_timer

    groove_timer Member

    The layout has changed slightly to get into the Line setup due to the new firmware. But all working now. Reccomend downloading the latest firmware if you are having issues of the box rebooting when you do a scan.
  16. m1tch3m

    m1tch3m Member

    Been using this version thanks to your advice!

    Thank you for reporting it's been fixed! Been waiting for this to be sorted for ages and every firmware update they seemed to ignore it!

    Like mentioned, I prefer to be as up to date as possible also. Being on an old firmware bugged me, haha.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2015
  17. m1tch3m

    m1tch3m Member


    I've tested this firmware but have personally gone back to the old previous working firmware. The scan detects nearly 800 channels but once that's done it only stores roughly 430. Usually a lot of channels I have 2 of - 1 works ok the other the picture is always going blocky (not a server issue), but quite a few channels have only 1 which the picture breaks up where others work fine.

    Hope this helps people out Googling this problem.
  18. stoddy2k01

    stoddy2k01 Member

    Hi All.
    Could anyone recommend a better box other than the amiko alien box iv'e heard they are weak on tuning i have an F5s at the noment and would like to get back to Hd.

    appreciate any advice.

    Thank you.
  19. shielser

    shielser Member

    anybody got amiko mini combo ftp server details pls
  20. Sweaney

    Sweaney Member

    Hi, I flashed mine with LAVATRONICS-282E-ALLSD+FTAHD-310714-COMBO.abs, which worked fine the first time I did it but the second time I tried I got IDENT error.
    Can you point me in the right direction for instructions on how to use the RS232 cable?