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Amiko Mini HD Combo Tutorial

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by bees, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. DappaTech

    DappaTech Member

    well I'd thought I'd done that. Would you be able to point me to a place to download such a thing please? Cause everything I've found so far has been junk.

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    Well yes I presumed that. Finding the firmware is another matter no one ever posts a link even on the guides.
  2. bees

    bees VIP Member

    When the Amikos came out there was a link to the firmware on the guide but a few months later the firmware began
    to brick boxes for no reason at all, I can only assume the newer batch of boxes had been changed in some way.

    So the link was taken down.

    All I can suggest is that you flash the latest version you can find.

    I've sent you the details in the PM on where to find the firmware, make sure the firmware is for the correct model of box.

    They are box specific.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2016
  3. DappaTech

    DappaTech Member

    That's the problem I can't find one.
  4. bees

    bees VIP Member

    AMIKO_MiniHD_SE_2.3.96_emu.zip 23-09-2016

    It's on the site I gave you mate, I've just seen it in the Amiko section

    You need to join the site to be able to download it.

    I'm not putting it on here because of the issues I had with previous firmware.
  5. walf1888

    walf1888 Member

    Hi Bees.

    Ive been able to unbrick on of these boxes before with rs232 and an old laptop. The box I have now has a constant green light and nothing showing on front display. Different from the one I unbricked before...! Have you any experience of a constant green light from power on? Doesnt seem to want to reflash using bootloader?
  6. Ianob28

    Ianob28 Member

    Hi, I had the same issue but I realised on the bottom line the icon to the left of the the go button is delete.

    Hope it helps

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    Has anyone ever experienced their line dropping constantly?
    I have the Amiko mini hd combo and I have to re scan for channels every few minutes.
    Once I do this they're all fine but 5 mins later it freezes and no connection to the cline.

    any suggestions are welcome.


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    Hi, will this sw work on the Mini HD Combo (not SE version)?
  7. liaml1974

    liaml1974 Member

    anyone find the latest firmware yet?
  8. rapture_ni

    rapture_ni Member Forum Supporter

    Hi guys I'm having issues with an amiko mini t2. It was bought already set up and worked for a year... i got a new line and put it on as per the directions on the post and it seemed to be working grand....only issues I'm having are sky sport HD 1 and sky sport HD 2 are not working. The sd channels of these are working.. the channels are working using the same server on another box. I'm not used to the amiko at all so any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. liaml1974

    liaml1974 Member

    does anyone know why my line wont connect to the server1 box. it wont turn green. this box was working perfectly already with this same line, but it disappeared. I updated to the lavatronics software online. did aw+bootloader, still wont connect. help please
  10. bmac1888

    bmac1888 Member

    anyone direct me to where i can get latest firmware and also new lines

    sorry bt just getting head around these boxes
  11. mkdon101

    mkdon101 Member


    can someone help me please iv downloaded the toolbox for amiko and the firmware but when i try to flash it i keep getting message saying data transfer failed. am i using wrong firmware or cable?
  12. andy1972

    andy1972 Member

    great stuff...new to this my box due to go down in a couple of weeks normally pay some one who comes round and boots it back up ,,,is it possible for me to do it myself,,have basic knowledge ,,thanks for any help
  13. miss-peanut

    miss-peanut Member

    Hi mkdon what bootloader tool are you using? You will need to use firmware for chipset 3612 and no others as it won't work, can you confirm you are using that boot tool?


    Miss Peanut
  14. Romarioboss

    Romarioboss Member

    Hi, Can anyone point me in the direction of getting a Sat line please? The request threads I found seem to have been closed.
    Need a C Line(I think) for an Amiko mini combo in Southern Ireland.
    24hr test line to try out first if possible.
    Please PM me, Thanks!
  15. mkdon101

    mkdon101 Member


    im using make alive my stb ( chip 3612) and i got 3612 upgrade tool 1.1.08. i then use the file LAVATRONICS-282E-ALLSD+FTAHD-310714-COMBO.abs, serial port 3, all sw + bootloader with mode setting upgrade. i also downloaded AMIKO_MiniHD_Combo_1.2.50_emu.abs and AMIKO_MiniHD_Combo_1.2.50_mcas.abs. but all do the same thing saying data transfer failed.
  16. Dusted

    Dusted Member


    Would anyone be kind enough to pm me a link to where I may obtain the latest "enhanced firmware" for the AMIKO MINI COMBO HD SE?

    Many Thanks
  17. hopper

    hopper Member

    Here you go
    Latest Amiko mini combo FW

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    Here you go
    Latest Amiko HD SE FW

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    Hi all

    Anyone know how to add the FTP and HTTP details using a memory stick
    Just not sure what the file should be called or the format of the url


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  18. Ged63

    Ged63 Member

    Hi bees
    Just got myself a mini combo box, after using the mico hd. Struggling to find latest firmware, could you pls send a link?

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    Hi bees
    Just got myself a mini combo box, after using the mico hd. Struggling to find latest firmware?
  19. dublinjester

    dublinjester Member

    Nice guide. Thank you for posting
  20. miss-peanut

    miss-peanut Member


    If anyone needs a recovery system for the Amiko Combo just thought i'd post this :D

    If you flash your receiver using the RS232 recovery method, this will help you restore your receiver to default meaning no passwords installed!

    Here is a guide I created for a mini combo but most of the Amiko closed sources are similar so this should help you all round :)

    I have attached here.


    Many thanks

    miss peanut