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Any punks out there?

Discussion in 'Music room' started by bha, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. bha

    bha Member

    Was a bit young when it all started (am 46).
    Got hooked when old brother played me slf alternative Ulster and anything from the clash.

    Still listening to,
    The Clash
    Sham 69

    Like a few USA bands,
    Social distortion
    Lars fredrikson

    Plus ska/punk bands like the interrupters.

    Got a habit of find one band on YouTube and seeing what else I come across.
  2. Incy

    Incy Member

    Being 10 years older than yourself I was around at the height of the punk era, not a punk myself but had many punk friends at the time (I was a skin) we used a club in B,ham called the Cedar where many up and coming punk bands played. Discharge, Dead Wretched, G.B.H etc. Other good punk bands Peter and the test tube babies (great live) Sham 69, UK Subs, Chelsea, Anti Nowhere league. There were many other great bands at the time as well.
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  3. bha

    bha Member

    G.B.H are still going. Anti nowhere league and Peter and the test tube babies are from near me. Wish I was around at the height. Lucky for me my teenaged kids are punk and ska fans.
  4. jonnymac67

    jonnymac67 Member

    Yes I was around the same time as incy
    by the sounds of it, I am from Guernsey and went to London about 85 and did all the squatting stuff, used to go to the 100 club the adlib which was run by hell's angels, the ambulance station that was a squat, saw many bands conflict, discharge, dirt+antisect, chaos UK, UK subs test tube babies, ect, UK subs and the test tube babies played over here three or four years ago..
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