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Anyone recommend a good Android Box

Discussion in 'Kodi - Android box - Firesticks - MXQ' started by Tadpo1e, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Robbieminty

    Robbieminty Member

    Where's the best place to get one

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  2. meliam112

    meliam112 Member

    Only place I've seen them is on pre-order at Banggood.
    I've had stuff from there before no problems.
  3. formandvoid

    formandvoid Member

    Amazon fire tv box works great and has much better spec than the fire stick and easily upgradable when kodi is updated.A lot of boxes are ok when you first buy them, then
    a new version of kodi is released and your box is scrap.I have set up many different makes of boxes over the years but in my opinion Amazon fire tv is by far the best.
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  4. meliam112

    meliam112 Member

    You've been unlucky then. First video I saw on youtube this morning was someone squealing that Amazon had locked his firestick due to his kodi activity :) Moaning that he had to make a fake Yahoo account just to sign in, he has a fair point, but that's what you get when you buy from the big boys. In the pocket of the government yet they won't pay their taxes!!
    My £40 cheapo Qbox has had 15, 16 & now runs 17.1 like a dream.
    It is also possible to now update 4.4 to 5.1 which lets you put kodi 17 on your old box and really just try to buy a rooted box or get it rooted.
    Even if all that fails and it goes out of date, when all's said and done you're talking about a £30 - £40 object that's saved you a fortune in the 2 - 3 years you've used it. If mine blows up tonight I've saved £1928 - good scrap eh?
  5. the reaper

    the reaper VIP Member Forum Supporter

    New Freesat.cn GTT box.
    Best of both worlds--cable and android with Krypton 17.0
  6. Damien26

    Damien26 Member

    has plex stopped working on NOWtv ?
  7. MisterB

    MisterB TK Veteran

    is that price including delivery? I was quoted 145 us dollars inc delivery for similar spec
  8. silverblack

    silverblack Member

    Stopped a few weeks ago now after an update.
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  9. Damien26

    Damien26 Member

    ffs that's all I need.
  10. formandvoid

    formandvoid Member

    Yes, Amazon now make you sign in now but it is nothing to do with kodi and why do you need to make a fake account,they are not spying on you.I fix various different boxes for people on a daily basis and in my opinion the amazon fire box runs very well compared to other boxes and yes you can update some boxes to android 5.1 but ther a lot that you can't.There are also versions of Kodi 17 that will
    run on android 4.4 but they are not perfect.
  11. meliam112

    meliam112 Member

    No they don't. I've been running a firestick long before I bought an android box, been watching something on it tonight via kodi, I've never signed in once. Even when I bought it I claimed it was a gift for someone else, what business is it of their's who it's for?
    As for the youtube clip/fake account I've no idea mate, he claimed it was a quicker way to get your stick/box unlocked than hitting the 'contact amazon' box, which he stated took up to 3 days to resolve. And he claimed it was due to kodi/APK/add-ons activity & they are spying on you, judging by the comments box he wasn't alone.
    Glad we agree that boxes can be upgraded and we haven't even mentioned spmc, so they aren't all scrap then.
  12. pmjcorbett

    pmjcorbett Forum Supporter

    tx5pro, cheap and cheerful and good bang for your buck
  13. richie62

    richie62 Member

    excuse me chaps I hope you don't mind me jumping in but I have a openbox v8s and have lost hell a lot of channels off it I can see by your comments you are very clued up with all this and would like to ask for your expert knowledge on the matter if possible cheers Richie iom
  14. meliam112

    meliam112 Member

    Hiya richie62, the tx5pro mentioned above is great starter box as is a Qbox or you can move up a grade to a Yoka kb2 pro, Beelink gt1 ultimate, H96pro+ who've just released an upgrade to android 7 (there's too many to mention) right up to a 'shield' but it's overkill if you only want to stream tv & movies.
    I posted on the other forum have a look on youtube, the bloke I tried to help didn't like that option, his loss as it really is the best way to learn. You'll get to know the boxes, what to look for, what suits your needs & all about the add-ons.
    'top tutorials', 'tv box stop', 'chigz tech reviews', 'Redskull', 'Asbyt', 'Dimitrology', there's a few of the better channels with loads of vids to watch & you'll find many more.
  15. Martinrobert

    Martinrobert Member

    Amazon fire tv box or.nivida shield you get what you get what you pay for lads
  16. meliam112

    meliam112 Member

    That's not quite true. The shield is a great device but there's absolutely no need to spend anywhere that sort of money to watch tv & movies which is what most folk want. Let's not mention the Marshmallow update that crippled my Brother's shield, whoops too late.
    As for getting what you pay for, plenty of people pay £40 for a box, myself included and are more than satisfied
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  17. Martinrobert

    Martinrobert Member

    The amazon fire tv box hands down beats any 40quid android box hardware and software are great ive had loads different type of boxes i love trying new tech .
  18. meliam112

    meliam112 Member

    Glad you're happy and in love with the choice you made. As I am with mine! Just happy that is, I'm not lonely.

    What is WRONG is to advise someone to buy something like a shield when they only want to watch tv and films, that's either showing a complete disregard for the person asking the question, who in asking implied they didn't know much about the subject, or just 'grandstanding' and 'showboating'.

    Now if the advice had been 'if you're a gamer etc' get a shield, that's different.
    I also prefer a proper rooted Android box not a sponsored corporate version that isn't at all open. But it's not a pissing contest and as I said if you're as happy as you say that's great I've no problem with either device you mention, they are both fantastic.

    When someone asks for advice though you should quantify what they want and roughly give available options that may suit THEIR needs not yours!
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  19. DjXs

    DjXs Member

    Struggling to decide what to get. Was looking at the Q-Boxes on ebay for £46 but dont know whether to get that or a Fire TV box or something better?

    I really only need it for Plex and IPTV in the future once things settle down. Any ideas? Thanks
  20. Premjack

    Premjack Member

    Entertainment Box has a good selection of boxes to fit different budget requirements.

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