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Anyone recommend a good satellite server - March/April

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by wheelo, Mar 3, 2017.

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  1. anj000

    anj000 Member

    A n line for sky for a zgemma h2h please TIA
  2. anj000

    anj000 Member

    Im sorted now thanks
  3. Gilli Danda

    Gilli Danda Member

    Hi Mate, new here, TIA.

    Looking for cline for Sky UK in UK for a vivabox 7000-hd

  4. Matty_sfc

    Matty_sfc Member

    Looking for a reliable UK N line with an initial test period.
  5. shta15

    shta15 Member

    Looking for a ccam for skybox. Thanks
  6. warg1987

    warg1987 Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a reliable glitch free UK Nline for a Zgemma h2s

    24 month please. In newcamd.list file please. Thanks.
  7. Teckltd

    Teckltd Member

    Hi Looking for a line for Astra and Hotbird plus euro 19e and 23 e
    Trial would be appreciated

  8. Tony_Manc

    Tony_Manc Member

    +++++++++++++Now Sorted. Thanks To All Who Responded++++++++++++

    Test N line required. VIP or Veteran only considered. No recommendations please.
    Please PM with details
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2017
  9. Tooter

    Tooter Member

    Looking for a reliable sat line sky UK ire
    Would like a test line first. Preferably 3 or 6 month line. Thanks
  10. Tooter

    Tooter Member

    Looking for a C line for Sat

    Need a trial first please from VIP or longstanding member only no resellers.

    Please also quote sub price

  11. inky

    inky Member

    Looking for a reliable sky UK ccam line - please get in touch if you can assist :)
  12. Tony#0#

    Tony#0# Member


    Looking for a trial n line and price on sub for a year

    I have an openbox v5 and live in ireland
  13. paul murtha

    paul murtha Member

    hi can anyone supply a good test n line please.

  14. Quaverlug

    Quaverlug Member

    After a reliable c or n line for a zgemma h2s if any one can recommend one thanks
  15. joey33

    joey33 Member

    Looking for reliable n or c line for sky UK on zgemma h2s box. Would like a trial and no resellers.
  16. logcutter

    logcutter Member

    Forgot to post a thanks to all who replied...sorted for now..
  17. dannybfc

    dannybfc Member


    I'm looking for a reliable c or n line for my zgemma h2.s box.

  18. domfurie

    domfurie Member

    Hi looking for a Line uk
    Please Pm me. Can't remember if it's a c or n and can't remember how to check.

  19. Techoretard

    Techoretard Member


    Can somebody please recommend a reliable UK line for my ZGemma H2S twin tuner as the current one has worsened and now constantly freezes.

    Many thanks in anticipation!
  20. Sunjay

    Sunjay Member

    I have a Zgemma h2s and am looking for a n line for uk.

    Please supply me with a test line and prices for subscriptions afterwards.

    I will only be accepting recommendations from VIP's or Veterans.

    Thanks in advance.
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