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Anyone recommend a good satellite server - March/April

Discussion in 'General Satellite Discussion' started by wheelo, Mar 3, 2017.

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  1. treble6

    treble6 Member

    hi, im looking for reshare server ,n & c line -sly uk,
    pm me with price /details and would prefer a 24hr test please.
  2. rhysccfc31

    rhysccfc31 Member

    Hi looking for a reliable n-line uk for openbox v8s.

    Must include all ppv channels. A trial would be a bonus.

  3. Zetex

    Zetex Member


    I'm looking for a reliable line for my zgemma h2.s box, I'm currently running mgcamd_1.38r1

    I'm not sure if I'm running a c line or an n line, not sure what the difference is to be honest, I just want a line that will work and not freeze every 2 mins for 15 secs

    I want a reliable provider that offers a 24hr test line, as I don't want to get scammed again..

  4. mitch1973

    mitch1973 Member


    Looking for a reliable line for a Zgemma H2S running Wooshbuild v5, i would prefer a N-LINE if possible but anything as long as its it reliable i am not fussed.

    New to this so if a test offer is available before 12 month subscription that would be great,.

    Thank you.
  5. swadam

    swadam Member

    Looking for reliable c or n line for polish nc+ (2 boxes)
    test line and price please

  6. Jonesy1927

    Jonesy1927 Member


    Looking for a new sly uk c line. The one I have at the moment freezes all the time.

  7. testhouse1979

    testhouse1979 Member

    hi all im looking for c or n lines and would be looking to buy a few as current provider is starting to freeze a bit
    i have a zgemma hs.s and in southern ireland

    if you have a test line that would be great too

  8. Sam14

    Sam14 Member

    Any recommendations for a test

  9. covburner

    covburner Member

    Looking for uk Sky NLine multi room needs to be super stable
  10. Sidslug

    Sidslug Member

    Hi, just brought 2 new boxes and now require 2 lines for the H2s, can anyone help me out?,
  11. LR4850

    LR4850 Member

    Looking UK nline.. multi room if possible
  12. Zak_019

    Zak_019 Member

    Hi, n line required for skybox f5s - 12months uk sky + ppview.

    Main thing is stability and decent support when issues are encountered.

    Test line would be appreciated.


  13. Would like to request a cline for v8s if possible. Much appreciated
  14. gt_menace

    gt_menace Member

    looking for a reliable n /cline for uk
    Must include ppv channels.

  15. Patchy999

    Patchy999 Member

    Hi I'm looking for a reliable n-line to run on Zgemma H2s on wooshbuild v5 please.

  16. Oldglory

    Oldglory Member

    Hi chaps, I'm a bit new to all this, I bought my box fully set up and I'm guessing my subscription has run out, I have a Zgemma H2S box running Sucmnsee, sorry to be so hopeless.

    Thanks in advance for any help

  17. sc8

    sc8 Member

    line wanted for a h2h, sat and cable, prices please
  18. djbubbles

    djbubbles Member

    test line wanted for zgemma h5 2s for sly n or c line
  19. Fatkat_2005

    Fatkat_2005 Member

    Been stalking the forums on and off for a while now, and wanting to replace my 12 month free gift (read: 3months of poor service)... I'm after a stable non glitchy Nline/Cline to use on my openbox v8s in the U.K. Must have PPV as well, PM me with any reputable recommendations
  20. rugbydoyle

    rugbydoyle Member


    I'm a new user. I need 2 UK lines for a ZGemma 2S but i'm not sure whether i need a C or N line, can someone help with this? PM with info please.

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