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Anyone Recommend A Good Server For Cable - January/February/March 2018

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by benijofar, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. benijofar

    benijofar Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter


    Rules for this thread.

    • Post what you require, a uk line or one for southern Ireland.
    • You can request information in this thread to be given via pm (private Message) only.
    • Do not click the "Like" or "thanks" buttons to draw attention to the fact that you are selling lines.
    • Do not discuss ANYTHING in this thread - it is a REQUEST thread only SO ASK ONLY.
    • Do not tell members not to discuss anything in here, that's the Moderator's Job.
    • Please report any post that breaks any of these rules.
    • Members that break these rules will be removed from seeing/posting in this thread for any amount of time (maybe permanently) at the Moderators Discretion.
    • DO not click likes/thanks on posts just to get your name seen (or for any other reason.


    We back no-one!!!

    We Strongly advise you not to pay for services by Paypal friends and Family, or by bank transfer, there is absolutely no come back on these two methods.

    We don't recommend you take advice from Zero posters or members who haven't been on the forum for long with no reputation.
    I would "listen" to mainly - VIP members or TK veterans when being recommended by members here.
    We do not back/endorse anyone here so you use information given, at your own risk/expense.
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  2. barmym

    barmym Member

    Need UK N line pls. Ideally test line first. Thanks.

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  3. ollomm

    ollomm Member

    Hi need an Nline please. Need a test first. Thankyou
  4. vadhert

    vadhert Member

    Hi all,

    I think my provider has gone AWOL as none of my lines work and they cant be contacted anymore. Can anyone point me in the direction of a solid reliable cable provider?
  5. peter2205

    peter2205 Member

    Vm uk test required please
  6. gibbo1471

    gibbo1471 Member

    Also need a CWS line test first
  7. cmgkjgrcgtcg

    cmgkjgrcgtcg Member

    Good Morning, I have been using IPTV for 2 months, Not happy with the delays, I am thinking about switching to cable, Any recommendations would be great.


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  8. gitechlo

    gitechlo Member

    UK test line needed. Vet only please
  9. Bracky

    Bracky Member

    Looking for one nline for SKY UK and one nline for VM. Must be 99.99% glitch free.

    Would like to test for min 24hrs first.
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  10. momo_124

    momo_124 Member

    Hi need a virmin n line c line don't must be good server. I understand some times it freezes but I don't want something that's freezes all the time must get trial line first
  11. rudey

    rudey Member

    looking for virmin n or c line please
  12. McSheep

    McSheep Member

    My line has suddenly gone unwatchable, anyone recommend a good almost freeze free line?

    uk c or n line, test needed.

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  13. jambo1998

    jambo1998 Member

    Just had Vm installed, I have a Technomate nano 3T, which I used for Sly, I believe that this has a cable tuner so would to try out a c line or n line if possible, prior to purchase.
  14. ronnierome

    ronnierome Member

    am looking for a vermin line test 24 hours . the one i have currently is freezing more than it works.
    cheers !!
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  15. Shazza291

    Shazza291 Member

    Cws line wanted test provided if poss , as above, provider gone awol , got a recent one of a certain auction site and glitches quite a bit ... restart cam fest , get in touch cheers
  16. Towelie88

    Towelie88 Member

    Looking for a N line for Virgin. 24hr Test. Will sub for a year if happy. pm me
  17. keet

    keet Member

    Looking for VM line
    Test to start with

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  18. vee_on_fire

    vee_on_fire Member

    Looking for a VM UK test line for Blade 8000 combo - please PM
  19. stewartp

    stewartp Member

    looking for a n or c line for vm uk, test first please
  20. rossonza

    rossonza Member

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