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Anyone Recommend A Good Server For Cable - January/February/March 2018

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by benijofar, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. bash85

    bash85 Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a VM c-line zgemma h.2h
    HD channels
    24hr test(please)
    Preferably 12 months long.

    Thank you.
  2. bulldog147

    bulldog147 Member

    Hi, I am looking for a VM c-line for UK zgemma h2h with HD channels prefer 12 months sub.

  3. buboykapon

    buboykapon Member

    Vermin C line please with test. Many thanks.
  4. deetee1981

    deetee1981 Member

    Hi looking for zgemma h2h line vm uk

    Test then purchase

  5. Adz786

    Adz786 Member


    Looking for a 24hr test line for uk

    I run mcgamd with cws if that makes sense.

    Only tk vets please.


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  6. anthonyf

    anthonyf Member

    Hi, my line’s just expired, looking for an N line for VM, need all sports channels and PPV, including the likes of ITV Sports Box Office. Would prefer a 24 hour test line as been let down once already. Many thanks.
  7. pj1001

    pj1001 Member


    Looking for a 6 month line please.

    Im running mcgamd with cws

    Only tk vets please.

  8. Kirby132

    Kirby132 Member

    Looking for an nline for VM Ireland, with 24 hour test period. Using mgcamd-1.38 with CWS. Will only accept VIP or veteran responses.
  9. FIlosCode

    FIlosCode Member

    I am looking VM UK nline, Need a test line and prices. (Need Hindi channels)
    Needs to work with amiko mini hd
  10. nathan taylor

    nathan taylor Member

    Hi. Looking for a decent line newcamd.list. Just wk seeing what the going rate is for a good server. Preferably one that doesn’t glitch, has the Ppv. If anyone can pm me that would be b-e—a-uitiful
  11. bvinton

    bvinton Member

    Looking for
    N line test. UK please.

  12. wardy1987

    wardy1987 Member

    Looking vm nline test please.
  13. wardykid79

    wardykid79 Member

    need a n.ireland c or n line for virmin please
  14. Dips_007

    Dips_007 Member


    I’m looking for a nline to use on a850 kryptview (vermin) please.

    Tests would be appreciated.
  15. ray mccririe

    ray mccririe Member

    Have zgemma h2h with nline, it keeps freezing, would like a second line to run as my main line and the line i currently have as a second. uk required
  16. conno22

    conno22 Member

    Hi all. Need a test line for zgemma h2h. Friends has gone off with no word from supplier.

    48 hours would be ideal.

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  17. sanddancer

    sanddancer Member

    hi looking for virmin test nline for mgcam with view too month by month service due to current situation.
  18. D Lee

    D Lee Member

    Dublin Southern Ireland.
    Looking for one nline for SKY Ireland and one nline for VM.
    VU+ Solo 4K, located in Dublin. Must be 99.99% glitch free.
    Any recommendations? Looking to hear from Vets ....
  19. burremr

    burremr Member

    Hi, need a new multi-room Nline for VM cable running on H2H & H52TC in UK, my line is freezing all the time and due for renewal, would like 24hr test and will Paypal if all OK.

  20. popeye2755

    popeye2755 Member

    Hi guys, need to change supplier, can someone send me a vermin test line please? Zgemma H2H.