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Anyone Recommend A Good Server For Cable - January/February/March 2018

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by benijofar, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. PatchLatics

    PatchLatics Member

    Looking for a yearly N line for Virmin with a test please
  2. joshmason95

    joshmason95 Member

    Vm n line required
  3. Ian Dean

    Ian Dean Member

    Hiya guys
    My provider has gone AWOL and my line has stopped working and they cant be contacted anymore. Can anyone point me in the direction of a solid reliable cable provider?
    Hello i'm not sure what i need my line starts with c: also was after a test line or something like that to make sure it is the line that has finished as i only bought the line in August
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2018
  4. superbluedub

    superbluedub Member

    looking for vm line for southern Ireland , test first please .
  5. polanusrat

    polanusrat Member

    Need a vm line (preferably a test line)
    Living in midlands area

    Thanks in advance
  6. pukcode

    pukcode Member

    Could I please request a VM C line UK, Ideally a 24hr test line would be nice too.
    (Ipab build)
  7. Marshalljames

    Marshalljames Member

    Hi can I request a test line n line
    H2h Nottingham
  8. wayne13

    wayne13 Member

    Hi, looking for uk vm n line please. 24 hour test if possible thanks.
  9. j0hn78

    j0hn78 Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for a good test line for vermin cable (Nottingham).
  10. Spooner

    Spooner Member

    Hi guys. I need a vm test line please. Manchester area. Many thanks.
  11. Whitwori

    Whitwori Member


    After a test line for vm, required in cws format please

  12. mikelongley1

    mikelongley1 Member

    Hi, looking for uk vm n line please. 24 hour test if possible thanks.
  13. david parker

    david parker Member

    Hi looking for a VM c or n line for northern ireland if possible thanks.
  14. lloyd92

    lloyd92 Member

    Test line for Zgemma cws format, full vermin with ppv
  15. soulmanx

    soulmanx Member

    24 hour N test line please for vm uk
  16. marky118

    marky118 Member

    looking for a nline for cable in the uk as my last supplier has went awol
  17. tag101

    tag101 Member

    Looking for a test line for virgin using zgemma h2h.

  18. Superbock

    Superbock Member

    Hi looking for a test line for vm. zgemma h5.2tc cws form

  19. Dani P

    Dani P Member

    Looking for a test line in West mids. CWS format

    Need it for 2 boxes
  20. cybalokz

    cybalokz Member

    hi would like for a test/line for virgin , edison mini, derbyshire