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Anyone Recommend A Good Server For IPTV - October/November/December 2017

Discussion in 'IPTV Guides Support and Discussions' started by wheelo, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Stevea1974

    Stevea1974 Member

    Looking for a m3u file to test on my new android box fully loaded please. Freeze free and all uk channels.
  2. grahamer67

    grahamer67 Member

    Hi i am also looking for an iptv test for a zgemma h2h, for a friend as he cannot receive vm, thanks.
  3. Scherzzo

    Scherzzo Member

    Looking for a month sub to try, looking for quality over price....pm me if you have same
  4. detacheduk

    detacheduk Member

    Looking for a iptv sub for a MAG 254 can anyone recommend a good supplier. pm me.
  5. Lostan

    Lostan Member

    Looking for iptv for zgemmah2s running wooshbuild, all sky channels and football pls, would like a free trial if possible, can you pls let me know what available packages there are and the prices, much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Waqar Mannan

    Waqar Mannan Member

    Looking for iptv test line and instructions if possible on how to put it on a zgemma box i have h52tc. Thanks
  7. alatham

    alatham Member


    Not sure if this available but I'm looking for a full usa iptv with sports I'm using perfect player at the moment.

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  8. McGster

    McGster Member


    Looking for a UK Sub for MOST UK Channels (All apart from Sports) Would like some VOD for kids. Looking to connect Vu Solo2, TM-NANO-M3 2 x Firesticks (w/Kodi). (4 Devices but only 2 active connections at once) - Require EPG script for Enigma2 boxes
  9. jeff6464

    jeff6464 Member

    Hi, looking for IPTV for mag, Catch up, VOD and adult please.
  10. gary27

    gary27 Member

    Looking for an iptv sub for uk channels with full epg for smart TV. (APP IS ssiptv)

    Also would like a trial please.
    Thank you
  11. Bellryball

    Bellryball Member

    Looking for channel list and epg for perfect player on firestick ASAP
    Thanks guys
  12. eddiemanc

    eddiemanc Member

    Hi i am looking for an iptv test for a zgemma h2h, for e2 with sly skin, thanks.
  13. bobwoods

    bobwoods Member

    Is there a reliable iptv server with EPG for UK Slyk etc? Want to use with 'Smart IPTV' on LG Smart 4K TV.
    Thank you.
  14. alizan

    alizan Member

    Looking for stable reliable IPTV server for mag box and smart TV, 2 devices only 1 connection at a time, would like full UK set up with Vod adult etc, must have Rangers and Celtic tv, VIP and Veterans only please, No resellers thanks guys.
  15. Gaga123

    Gaga123 Member

    Hi all,
    Looking for an IPTV sub for a Mag Box and Zgemma H2H. Full 12 month package required please including sports, movies, VOD, ppv, UK & Ireland channels,Asian channels inc star sports in hd and Willow and Ptv Sports Etc.Must have EPG and be able to record also.
    Must have the ability to run on Android, eg provide an M3u and server EPG url as well as enigma 2.

  16. Jimmybhoy12

    Jimmybhoy12 Member

    looking for a test just to see what it offers, anyone?
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 14, 2017
  17. uproar717

    uproar717 Member

    looking for iptv line with test, uk tv sly channels ,must contain the SD channels m3u Cheers
  18. beefo

    beefo Member

    Looking for a sub for my LG TV (Smart IPTV app) with the full package, 3pm, PPV, movies etc.

    Looking for a 24 hour trial if possible

  19. Noel100

    Noel100 Member

    Hi I’m looking for an iptv line form owner sever.. for zgemma h2s or Samsung 2015 smart tv..thanks
  20. Davynico

    Davynico Member

    Looking for a sub for my Mag256 with the full package, 3pm, PPV, movies etc.

    Looking for a 24 hour trial if possible


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