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Are we title contenders?

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by Buckham_uk, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Buckham_uk

    Buckham_uk TK Veteran

    Really good run as of late with only Leicester slowing us down. Are they starting to lose their bottle and do you think we can step upto the task?
  2. FreeUK

    FreeUK Member

    They only have EPL games to contend with and only have to play United and chelsea out of the harder games where as you have FA cup, Euro and also have arsenal,liverpool,united and chelsea. I think perhaps with the number of games you may slip up first before they do
  3. Buckham_uk

    Buckham_uk TK Veteran

    I was thinking the same in regards to games to play but I think we have a more versatile squad. It's unlikely but if they were to lose Okazaki Mahrez or Vardy due to suspension or injury I think they could be buggered

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  4. richiej

    richiej Member

    I think that the answer that we all knew deep down was "no", but as Leicester showed, you never know.

    Every year we live in hope, and the hope never seems to arrive. If we were offered top three last August of course we would have taken it. To have lost second after all the high hopes, and especially to Arsenal Wenger's team was gutting.

    A summer where we feel that we have strengthened as good as everyone else, our hope this year should be more realistic. We actually have a squad that wants to stay, so no-one is going no-where this summer. An interesting year next year. Someone is going to spend big, have a big named manager and end up fifth even sixth!!

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