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Bit of VPN advice needed...

Discussion in 'DIY Help and Advice.' started by selectavance, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. selectavance

    selectavance Member


    Owing to the IPTV block in place during certain games, I'm looking to put a VPN in. Hoping someone can help with the following:

    Running one IPTV app through Sony Smart TV (IPTV PLayer and Perfect Player)
    A second through plug-in on Zgemma.

    My broadband is with Sly (shield off but doesn't help during block times) so do I put the VPN on the router or on the devices?

    Pretty clueless about this bit so help if you can. Many thanks.
  2. Studio5

    Studio5 Member

    Most VPN's have an app that will run on a pc or android, not sure about a smart TV though. To add a VPN to a router you will need to buy one that has the ability for one to be added. They are around £100 generally.

    I use PIA and IPVanish.
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  3. selectavance

    selectavance Member

    Cheers, mate. Appreciate that. Didn't even realise I could change routers - taking it that's impossible with Sly then? Cheers.
  4. Studio5

    Studio5 Member

    There are plenty on hee that have tried the apps on smart tv's and they work.

    I'd keep the sky router and then set up a second one with a vpn on it, plug the second one into the sky router as an access point.
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  5. selectavance

    selectavance Member

    Cheers. Just have to decide if it's worth paying another £100 or just going to the pub! Cheers.

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  6. Studio5

    Studio5 Member

    Do a search for vpns on smart tv's or buy a cheap android box.
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  7. selectavance

    selectavance Member


    Saw some for about 40 quid (and less but didn't like the look) on eBay.

    Already have a Zgemma H5.3S though.

    Thanks again.

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