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Blade 7000 Combo VM setup

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM7000s' started by tc0111394, May 22, 2014.

  1. sirmikey6478

    sirmikey6478 Member

    Hi guys! I've had my blade media bm7000 combo for about two weeks got it all up and running. I noticed a few channels were missing so started manual search got most of the channels I wanted, exited the menu page and the box has crashed or frozen won't come of or change channels or allow me to go into any menus!. I've tried turning it off for 20 minutes taken all cables etc out. Then put them all back in and still it frozen! Any help would be great!!!! Thanks again guys!!!
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  2. lac

    lac TK Veteran

    To reset the box to its factory default state do the following: With the box turned off hold the MENU button down on the front panel. Power the box up while still holding the menu button down. You will now see the Engineer Boot Menu. Select Option 3 to perform a factory reset on the box. This will erase all user settings on the box and return it to its factory state, take a note of your server info.
    Reboot box after doing each individual manual scan, or just do a blind scan.
  3. sirmikey6478

    sirmikey6478 Member

    Thanks all sorted now iac. Thanks again for replying
  4. retromobiles

    retromobiles Member

    Hi guys new to this.. I've got a blade combo myself, I eventually figured out how to get all channels onto the box from VirMed here in dublin.. small query if I do a Sly channel update via blade online do I lose the VirMed chans I manually scanned into tuner 2?

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  5. lac

    lac TK Veteran

    Have never used Blade online update, try using Clarke Editor download channel lists from box to PC then change them to suit ur needs.

  6. ziggy317

    ziggy317 Member

    hi can yu use you vm and sly at the same time on the combo box did yu try it
  7. lac

    lac TK Veteran

    Both VM/Sat can be used at the same time with the correct feeds, have a look at making ur own channel list.
  8. tc0111394

    tc0111394 Member

    anyone got instructions on setting up Vmed on Blade 7000 combo
  9. lac

    lac TK Veteran

    This is a old post I did for scanning,
    Not unlike Sky in regards to line.
    Connect to a live VM feed, Menu - Installation - Channels Search -,
    Satellite = Tuner 2, some may show Terrestrial (depends on software)
    Scan Mode + Power Scan, a Auto scan is only needed there on unless searching for a new TP. (Power scan searches for TPs then channels)
    Frequency No need to touch
    Symbol Rate = Telewest 6952 or NTL 6887 This depends on your area unsure check VM sub box, Settings, Tech Stuff, Top shows Net ID that's your area
    QAM Size = 64/256, there is vey few TPs that use 64 QAM now
    Step = Default is set to 8.0 if TP are missing the step can be lowered.

    Press red button to scan from a direct feed, no splitter is advised. like Sky channels are not in order.

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