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Blade 7000 Combo VM setup

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM7000s' started by tc0111394, May 22, 2014.

  1. SB1986

    SB1986 Member

    Hi, I am running a scan as per above instructions. If channels are being picked up, should I be seeing something indicating this on the 'scanning' page? Currently I see Transponder: 0 -> doesn't look promising....
  2. lac

    lac Member

    If sure the VM feed is live and connected to the "ant in" at the back of box check the correct symbol rate is being used.
  3. SB1986

    SB1986 Member

    It was more a case of seeing anything on the scanning page indicative of channels being found - I found channel names starting to appear around 50% of the way through however, looks good on completion. Also, am using the 'tuner 2 input' as you suggested. Next step to capture some missing channels, a few questions however.

    Firstly, I am now running a scan using a step of 1.0 (previously 8.0), and the same symbol rate of 6952. I have checked my network ID from my VM box -> equals 16 - can the appropriate symbol rate(s) be determined from this?

    Secondly, from your previous posts, it sounds like I can do a manual search for missing channels as long as I know the TP's they belong to, keen to obtain the discovery channels (I only have discovery HD), do you know what TP these map to, or how this could be found (if of course the scan at a step of 1.0 fails).

    Note: I am using 2 splitters, any particular reason you recommended to avoid? I see no signal deterioration.

    Also, moreso for other newbies like myself, I had to do a factory reset before the 'Tuner 2' option under Satellite became available.
  4. lac

    lac Member

    If this is ur area "Leamington Spa NTL 00016 803.000 6.887" try a scan on 6887 instead of 6952 symbol.

    A weak splitter can result in some channels/TPs not being picked up.
  5. SB1986

    SB1986 Member

    Ok thanks Iac, much appreciated. Given the above is my area, if I search using 6887, would I lose channels previously found through searching 6952?

    Thanks very much for your assistance, you've been very helpful.
  6. lac

    lac Member

    TPs differ for each area, channels wil be replaced with the correct ones for ur area, also channels missing should be picked up.
    SB1986 likes this.
  7. SB1986

    SB1986 Member

    Sounds promising, will check it out.

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