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Blade Bm5000s 12th september 2014 with 9991 option

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM5000s' started by numsy, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. RoverTheDog

    RoverTheDog Member

    Thanks numsy, its appears to have corrected I had as well (epg wouldnt download properly)
  2. zee24

    zee24 Member

    well mine says July and I downloaded this exact one and like you said no real difference.

    Also after it was installed on the box the epg download worked but since then it hasn't it keeps freezing on 'parsing summaries' ive rebooted box a number of times from the back of the box and the mains but still happens or it will boot itself during the epg download like it did in the past
  3. jigger121

    jigger121 Member

    Ive done the epg 3 times since the update just done it there to check and every time its worked. Bit weird that mine says sep 12 and yours doesnt though.
  4. oxo123

    oxo123 Member

    hello Numsy

    i am trying to download your file for my Blade BM500s box it will not let me can you help

    Cheers oxo123
  5. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    Are folk still using this or gone back to the July version?
  6. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    This worked a treat fixing the epg download issue on the July firmware! My software is called Sept 14 per the box but I see it's just likely an amended July firmware. Although there is an official Sept firmware update on the Blade. I suppose only Numsy would know! :) Thanks though mate!
  7. Syrabane

    Syrabane Member

    thanks for this worked on my box
  8. coffee1690

    coffee1690 Member

    got it lol ................noticing the picture is not as sharp or maybe its just me
  9. bangord30

    bangord30 TK Veteran

    I think you could be right mate as I've noticed the picture on my Zgemma is a lot better! Revert back to July...
  10. lbutts

    lbutts Member

    Trying to download the firmware it wount let me any help??

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    Witch firmware is the best for the blade bm5000s need abit of help thanks
  11. s_mawds

    s_mawds Member

    Hi, can someone tell me how to revert back to July firmware. I have been told you can't once the later version is installed. Thanks
  12. lbutts

    lbutts Member

    just woundering y my youtube and orther apps not working
    and my time is wrong i have to set it myself and after
    a few days i the time is wrong as in slow time

    so if any1 can help thanks
  13. zee24

    zee24 Member

    because you have turned GMT OFF the time will go out of sync until you turn it on again. If you don;t like GMT on then just every day switch it on for a few secs then turn it off when time is correct again
  14. tomupcott

    tomupcott Member


    I have had my box for over 12 months without any problems until i decided to update it.
    since then i have lost the scrambled channels and unable to enter my c or n line used to press menu 9991.
    i have tried to put that numsy patch on my usb stick and hard drive but i cannot see the file on my screen
    i also tried to put a config file on my stick but it doesnt show up on the tele.

    any ideas? :whacko:


  15. stran1

    stran1 Member

    first time setting up a box will this let me add my codes?
  16. andypandy11

    andypandy11 Member

    The download is not working, can anybody post up a working download of this September 12 firmware
  17. zee24

    zee24 Member

    it worked for me yesterday
  18. dafinestplay

    dafinestplay Member

    i will try now on my brand new box
  19. badboy3030

    badboy3030 Member

    how do you dl the firmware please :nolisten:
  20. zee24

    zee24 Member

    press menu on remote - click on factory reset