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Blade Bm5000s 12th september 2014 with 9991 option

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM5000s' started by numsy, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. bobowelshman

    bobowelshman Member

    whats the latest patched firmware?
  2. x_tinker

    x_tinker Member

    Blad emdia 9991 help

    Can someone please help me accidentally downloaded the august 2015 form blade website then realised i couldnt get the 9991 option. I downloaded the download from this website but i cant seee it wen i put my usb into the box
  3. wheelo

    wheelo Super Moderator Staff Member Forum Supporter

    Have a read of the title, particularly the date, you might have your answer. have a quick search of the forum, in particular the blade section
  4. Dreambox2009

    Dreambox2009 Member

    hi there

    had official sept 2014 firmware on box and have been trying to update to a patch firmware

    i did try around 4-5 but all said file miss match

    have download this firmware and getting there in that this file update no probs all all, youtube etc working##however when i press 9991 it comes up saying invalid channel

    so not sure where im going wrong

    have had a bm7000s for a number of years and never had an issue updating firmawre but with bm5000s having quite a few issues

    prior to downloading this patch i had both suu file loaded on box from official blademedia website the standard image file and the APP file

    not sure if the app file is causing the issue or would this be irrelevent

    any help would be massively appreciate as box it xmas present and all that and gota try and resolve it before 25th dec lol


  5. lloffty5

    lloffty5 Member

    i think its menu then 9991 to access it ..!!
  6. bees

    bees VIP Member

    You need to load this firmware, which it sounds like you have done.

    Load the blank config file, the same way, it's in the download section.

    Then you can load the line manually by pressing MENU then 9991

    or by USB by editing the config file you loaded using notepad.

    Have a look here
  7. Dreambox2009

    Dreambox2009 Member

    thanks to Bee and Lofty

    what a prat I am

    tried till 4am in the morning and loaded around 15 firmware then checked thread today re pressing MENU then 9991 I was just pressing 9991 and not menu

    can believed I made such a schoolboy error

    BM7000 just press 9991 but BM500 slightly different

    thanks again for both replies really appreciated


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    just a quick question depending on firmware is any picture quality better

    just that even changing to 1080 on setting picture in SD doesn't look as good as BM7000 or do you think I am just imagining it

    or is there better picture quality depending on which firmware you use or is this just a myth

    thanks again
  8. lloffty5

    lloffty5 Member

    ive always found that the 7000 has better picture quality than the 5000.dunno if that is software/hardware related .!!

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  9. Davemonk1980

    Davemonk1980 Member

    Thankyou very much! Hope this works for me.........
  10. Davemonk1980

    Davemonk1980 Member

    Hi this new box I have already has the 9991 menu on it. Does this still need updating or has it been done?
  11. lloffty5

    lloffty5 Member

    its ok m8.if 9991 is active

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  12. Davemonk1980

    Davemonk1980 Member

    Thanks for fast reply.
  13. bhota

    bhota Member

    added n-line on bm5000s but does not connect, same n-line working fine on bm7000s, help. connection is via ethernet cable, did connect once but said "unknown CAS 0963 UA:0000000000000000" instead of saying connected and channels kept freezing. Cant get it back to that state. Firmware is Jan 2014 with 9991 option do i need to upgrade firmware to the July version.

    OK just upgrade to September 2014 version, entered c lines again and again got "unknown CAS 0963 UA:0000000000000000" but this time the channels are not freezing at all. But why is it not saying connected? (but everything is working fine).
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2016
  14. jayerangey

    jayerangey Member

    nice one
  15. macendi

    macendi Member

    I am getting unknown cas 0963 ua:000000000000000 olso chanel keep freezing olso every few mins! Any help or advice would be much appreciated( running July 2014 patched firmware
  16. Surtur

    Surtur Member

    What firmware release is this?
  17. Roversmad22

    Roversmad22 Member

    Hi there how do I enter my line details manually on this box please?
  18. Roversmad22

    Roversmad22 Member

    Do I just put this file on a USB stick, put it back in the box and it will update itself? Sorry am not very good at these thing So?