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Blade Media BM7000s-14-05-12-86x.zip Patched Version.

Discussion in 'Blade Media BM7000s' started by HiTeck, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Mark Garland

    Mark Garland Member

    Thanx for this
  2. Alex Owen

    Alex Owen Member

    does anyone have the october version ?
  3. Mark Garland

    Mark Garland Member

    Has the October firmware been patched yet? thanx
  4. intel

    intel Member

  5. nomunnofun

    nomunnofun Member

    Well, as a foolish newbie, I downloaded the latest epg update and now I have no 9991 facility to enter my c-lines - not happy!
  6. ronanfriel10

    ronanfriel10 Member

    Thank you guys, looking for the firmware links - think you have sorted me - just need to get download!

  7. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

  8. thabaned

    thabaned Member

    latest firmware for blade bm7000s please
  9. BoxT

    BoxT VIP Member

    Try looking at the link on the post above your one you might just see it :D
  10. buddyboy

    buddyboy Member

    I'm not too tekkie but will this firmware fix epg or provide me with a fav list ?
  11. jimbo21947

    jimbo21947 Member

    has anyone had a problem with the oct firmware, when i put it on i find that my box is freezing, when i put the may firmware back on it stops, the new firmware gets you tube and also 9991 menu so i know it is the patched one. anyone else with a problem. thanks
  12. zeegeoff

    zeegeoff Member

    hi there new to this but will the patched download get me the 9991 menu up thanks
  13. jimbo21947

    jimbo21947 Member

    hi zeegeoff yes it will
  14. tubbs

    tubbs Member

    hey guys ive lost my 9991,updated to latest firmware off blade website,aint had my box on for a while and i thoght i would update it,cant acees 9991 now
  15. grizz

    grizz Member

    if you want the 9991 menu then the official firnware is no use to you, look on here for the last patched 1, newest not done as of yet
  16. hirstgas

    hirstgas Member

    it wont let me download it

    im new to all this need help!!
  17. noelyf

    noelyf VIP Member

  18. rbenton1

    rbenton1 Member

    Thanks for this mannnn!!! love the picture of luis as well, as if we'd sack him ha!!!!
  19. p1ckl3d

    p1ckl3d Member

    just bought a blade bm7000s. firstly i complete novice. i need to know which unofficial fw to use and secondly any gd cccam's

    thanks :)
  20. isolcricket

    isolcricket Member

    I recently purchased a Blade box, where can I get the firmware from for the 9991 access?