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Blade media stream whats all this about them?

Discussion in 'Blade Stream' started by hunter1010, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. hunter1010

    hunter1010 Member Forum Supporter

    Hello all been a long time ive been on here, you all have to forgive me as I have been very ill this year. I need updateding! My blade media 7000 has lost all its HD channels! sd are all still there, I have a friend who states the same were both using the same supplier of clines is this a problem with everyone or just my provider?

    And the big question is whats a blade stream box? does it get all the sly channels like my 7000?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you all. Cheers
  2. lloffty5

    lloffty5 Member

    theres plenty of reading on the forum about this.but basically you've lost 99% of hd channels and you wont be getting them back on satellite any time soon.
    sky introduced new pairing methods which in turn has all but rendered unofficial hd content blocked.there are just a few hd channels left but mainly free to air stuff (itvhd,bbc1hd etc)
    cable on the other hand is unaffected and I think will be getting a lot of new customers as well as a lot of payservers providing service for this..!!
    hope this helps
  3. hunter1010

    hunter1010 Member Forum Supporter

    Hello thank you for updating me. Blew the cob webs off a bit there for me. What a shame no more hd. So whats the box of choice for hd at the moment then? My blade is a 7000c
  4. lloffty5

    lloffty5 Member

    theres a list in the cable section on the forum. and I guess ask for reviews from members already running cable. I no that the amiko mini combo hd seems to be a canny buy but iam no expert

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