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blank screen on all sky channels

Discussion in 'Zgemma-star 2S' started by millbrook, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. millbrook

    millbrook Member

    help please,
    got anew zgemma s2 box was working for 3 days and now blank screen on all sky channels,i have tried rebooting with no success
    don't know what else to try im only a newbie
  2. judetron

    judetron Member

    Try rebooting your router and box at the same time....it's possible though you've been had and you line/gift has gone....where did u get it from?

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  3. sucmnsee

    sucmnsee TK Veteran

    Usual checks are as said
    Reboot router. Wait til router fully connected again. Reboot box.

    Softcam manager
    Go to whichever is ticked
    Yellow to restart.

    Check connection
    Network test
    Green to start
    All should end up green
  4. millbrook

    millbrook Member

    Thanks,tried all your suggestions still not working
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  5. judetron

    judetron Member

    If you have done the above and says u have Internet connection most probably your line is down contact the supplier

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  6. sucmnsee

    sucmnsee TK Veteran

    If u wanna pm ur line I'll check it for u. Make sure ur box is off first so doesnt conflict
  7. Dazzle

    Dazzle Member

    If you double press "OK" on your remote, if you line is working correctly you will see on the corner of notification the server and ping details. That will show you are connected to your line and it is working. If there is nothing present the line details could be missing.

    So check your configuration details (location dependant if your using c or n line) or check to make sure your provider hasn't done a runner.

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  8. Ellwills10

    Ellwills10 Member

    Zgemma box not working just says sky hd screen plse help
  9. mick09004

    mick09004 Member

    Hi I've lost a few sky channels? S sports 4, s sports news hq, sky 1, not all sky channels, any ideas guys, newbie, ant help would be much appreciated
  10. Ian1971

    Ian1971 Member

    I've lost sky sports 4 sky Atlantic +1 and Eurosport's 1&2 on both zgemma and openbox whent to do Chanel list on openbox and the website says that it's not channel list problem, it's a new form of encryption that is affecting all non official sky boxes. You can get sky sport 4 via Ireland feed but it also says that no doubt more channels will go and they don't know when or even if they will return
  11. paul1966

    paul1966 Member

    if you into your channel that's missing like sky sports 4 you will see a blank screen press up on your remote the channel list will come up now press the red button (ALL) you will see about 4/5 sky sports 4 press one of these your missing channel should return. note you may have do this everytime you want to watch channels that are missing.
  12. Ciaran Duffin

    Ciaran Duffin Member

    Same problem here did that no luck rebooted box no good. That's on zgemma. All my channels are there on openbox in other room
  13. Ian1971

    Ian1971 Member

    Cheers for that will give it a go
  14. dipsy

    dipsy Member

    been stuck on this zgemma s2 for weeks got freeview channels.epg for sky telling me whats on.but got the gift about eight weeks ago.im a newbie.no idear please can someone help before the gift runs out.
  15. bdawson1987

    bdawson1987 Member

    Hi I've also lost these channels. My box doesn't allow me to upgrade the channel list directly from it and I'm having a lot of trouble finding a way to download the channel list on my MacBook Pro! Anyone know how I can download the channel list to a Mac so I can put it on a USB stick and upgrade the channel list via USB?

    I have an Openbox V8S

  16. jimbob77778

    jimbob77778 Member

    upgrade your firmware then you will be able to upgrade your channel list ota although some channels are missing for everyone
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  17. jimnev

    jimnev Member

    I have also lost sky channels. have done all of the above checks and appears I still have a line but no channels.
  18. bottom1976

    bottom1976 Member

    Me too ...sky sports 4 / 5 ...sky sports news gone
  19. bottom1976

    bottom1976 Member

    Me too ...sky sports 4 / 5 ...sky sports news gone
  20. nuksucow

    nuksucow Member

    Me too sky sports news etc also sky box office and joshua fight tomorrow! !!