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Buy a Zgemma 2S at a discounted price

Discussion in 'Zgemma-star 2S' started by zgemma-uk, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Kellyleekyle

    Kellyleekyle Member

    Hi, I entered the code TECH150NOV at checkout, for a hs2 box, but it says it's invalid? I'm registered too
  2. zgemma-uk

    zgemma-uk FORUM SPONSOR Forum Supporter

    Thats the wrong code, please read the first post in this thread.
  3. spice2013

    spice2013 Member

    can i ask please your star 2s its got the epg in the package list of what the box comes with my question is do the boxes come pre-configured with latest firmware installed or anything added to the box or do they need full setup ie flahed and skin/image added?

    ignore this post i got my answer from page 2
    Last edited: May 13, 2016
  4. rago

    rago Member

    Bit new to this but i am after a couple of h2 what do I need to do when I receive the boxes is it a matter of ftping my line over an scanning or is there more to it
  5. spice2013

    spice2013 Member

    rago the boxes come with open atv image on if so all you need to do is download the plugin you will be using Cccam or scam and ftp your info into the directory and then use the autoboquetmaker for your area and it will update all your channels
  6. spice2013

    spice2013 Member

    new box here today happy as larry
  7. aarondoyle88

    aarondoyle88 Member

    recently purchased from here.. everything great no issues whatsoever
  8. cj5774

    cj5774 Member

    Just purchased a Star 2S from you and must post a word of thanks.

    I purchased the box on Thursday at about 3pm - Received Friday morning at 9am = Perfect service!!!

    Box arrived in perfect condition and as described with power cord, remote and HDMI lead (except for 2xAAA batteries for remote, but I can live with that ;) )

    VERY pleased with my purchase - now up and running with no issues


    Thanks again

    C J
  9. niksquared

    niksquared Member

    Hey guys,

    I want to buy the Z Gemma box 2s for cable so that all HD channels will work. I have a couple of questions:

    - If I plug in the cable line into the Zgemma, how will my internet work? Right now my cable line is plugged directly into my router
    - Will the box come with everything set up? I'm a bit of a noob so don't want to have to install everything myself, I'd rather plug n play. I can install a line after by myself.
    - Can I record on the box whilst watching other channels?
    - Will I be able to rewind, pause, etc live TV?

    Thanks and sorry for all the questions!
  10. zgemma-uk

    zgemma-uk FORUM SPONSOR Forum Supporter


    Here are some answers

    1) how did you come to the conclusion that the 2s model is for cable? If we have made a mistake please point us to where so we can correct it.

    2) boxes will come a standard openATV image, nothing atall setup

    3) yes recording is possible whilst watching another channel on the 2s model, 2 satellite feeds and a external hdd required.
  11. niksquared

    niksquared Member

    Apologies, I am a bit of a noob! I assumed you can get a 2s for cable as well as for satellite?
  12. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    H1, H2 and H.2H are the cable versions they have 1 sat and 1 cable tuner go for the H.2H that's the fastest version
  13. pgmc

    pgmc Member


    Looking for a H2S do you deliver to ROI and how much.
  14. zgemma-uk

    zgemma-uk FORUM SPONSOR Forum Supporter

    Please check your PM

  15. neacy69

    neacy69 Member

    Trying to order and etting this message
    Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached its usage limit!

    I'm looking for a 2S delivered to Ireland
  16. zgemma-uk

    zgemma-uk FORUM SPONSOR Forum Supporter


    Please see the very first post in this thread,

  17. neacy69

    neacy69 Member

    I've a UK seller offering zgemma 2s including delivery for €70. Can you price match this?
  18. cmctkings

    cmctkings Member

    New box arrived today in only 1 working day!! Recommended.
  19. KingDuke

    KingDuke Member

    Is this still available?
  20. bembo200

    bembo200 Member

    Hi do you still have the zgemma star 2s in stock if yes can i have have it with the latest wooshbuild v4 . how much are the box.