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Buy a Zgemma H.2H at a discounted price

Discussion in 'Zgemma Star H.2H' started by zgemma-uk, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Lats

    Lats Member

    I have a technical issue with the Zgemma H5 box I have ordered recently. Order #12129. I have filled in the returns form on the web site. Do I need to chase someone up? Anxious to get this replaced asap as I am off work this week.
  2. philleywoo

    philleywoo Member


    I've just tried the coupon code and it doesn't seem to be working

    Any Ideas?

  3. Irenec

    Irenec Member

    Hi there, could I have a passcode please order no

  4. Hill Man

    Hill Man Member

    Hi, which option for delivery to Northern Ireland mate.
  5. zgemma-uk

    zgemma-uk FORUM SPONSOR Forum Supporter

    Hi Hill Man

    Please select the royal mail option for NI.

  6. edmoses

    edmoses Member

    Hi zgemma-uk. Made a recent order but did not receive any discount code for future orders? My order number was Order ID: #10927

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    Apologise - Just read your the first post - discount code only for H2H.

    Is there a discount code for H2S please? Wanting to make x5 order
  7. zgemma-uk

    zgemma-uk FORUM SPONSOR Forum Supporter

    Discount is calculated automatically, amount depends on how much units you order. Breakdown is on right hand side of product description page. Thanks
  8. riggles2

    riggles2 Member

    Hi, Ordered my box before Christmas and only getting around to setting it up now can I have the password please order number 11360

  9. amgmaj

    amgmaj Member


    Just paid for my new Zgemma H5 box can I also have the password please my order number:Order ID: 14079

  10. Vedenfleece

    Vedenfleece Member

    I've bought a few of these boxes, never had a code and the last one never got a discount.

  11. Lazza

    Lazza Member

    Hi I received my zgemma H2H yesterday Order ID: 16062 Date Ordered: 23/02/2017 but no password was included, could you please advise, many thanks
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2017
  12. zgemma-uk

    zgemma-uk FORUM SPONSOR Forum Supporter


    The discount code will only work once, so you cant use if again, the password has been sent by pm
  13. Vedenfleece

    Vedenfleece Member

    Received the password via PM.

    Thanks ... V
  14. Stephenj1892

    Stephenj1892 Member

    Is the discount code still available?

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