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chinese dual boot os tablets

Discussion in 'Windows Tablet PC' started by jaxyboy, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. jaxyboy

    jaxyboy Member

    Hi im after a dual boot tablet anybody have any experience with the chuwi hi12 or teclast x16?
  2. Blackwidow

    Blackwidow TK Veteran

    I've not seen any reviews from people who have purchased one and only the bog sites seem to offer a good review, looks good on paper and at a low price too I'd be tempted
  3. MP66

    MP66 Member


    I was about to post something about a Chuwi hi 12 tablet I bougth for my son. In Windows or Android tablets section?? You started this thread, so I follow it...

    We are greatly impressed by battery performance (11 Ah or 11000mAh). I ordered a bundle with keyboard (only english standard keyboard, no regional key like "Ñ" o "ç"). Also great price at Aliexpress.

    You can dettach keyboard and use as a tablet. Working in Windows, it's comparable to a Surface.

    Maybe I will order a pen (stylus)

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