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"Clik" For Android and iPhone

Discussion in 'Mobile Phone Forum' started by axxxo, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. axxxo

    axxxo VIP Member



    Clik is the amazing YouTube remote that allows you to walk up to any screen with a browser, point your phone at it, and instantly take control. It’s a magical experience that you need to see to believe.

    Here’s what the press is saying:

    "I have seen the future of the remote control." CNet
    "Ridiculously fast and easy." TechCrunch
    "Considering the multiplayer aspect of the app, it’s easy to realize how great the potential is." Laptop Mag

    And best of all, you and your friends can each connect to and control the same screen, at the same time. There is no better way to DJ music videos at a party, or play funny cat videos between classes.





  2. j4v3d

    j4v3d VIP Member

    still need to download this for iPhone LOL

    I heard about it through kik messenger alerts.