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Cloud Ibox 2 Plus (NO FTP resolved)

Discussion in 'Cloud Ibox' started by drowzee1872, May 18, 2017.

  1. drowzee1872

    drowzee1872 Member

    It would appear that the issues with the "official" clud ibox images available from www.cloud-ibox.net no longer have FTP capability as a result of air-digital deliberately sabotaging them!

    You can download the latest image for the Golden Interstar LX1 from here . Why you ask? Well the cloud ibox is a clone of that box, hence why Openvix do not official support it.

    So here's what you do.

    1. Download the latest image.
    2. Unzip the image.
    3. Rename the "xspeedlx" file to "cloudix"
    4. Inside the file rename the "noforce" file to "force"
    5. Copy to a Fat32 USB drive and insert it in the rear USB port of your Cloud Ibox 2 Plus.
    6. Turn on the box and wait for the image to flash to the box.

    Works fine for me. With the VM Bolt skin.

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