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Creating your own tablet

Discussion in 'Tablet PC Chat' started by Kong, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Kong

    Kong Member

    Hi everyone, would like to know of your experiences creating your own tablet or if any of you have done so successfully for that matter... an bloke who i bumped into at the gym was telling me he did it, he is pretty tech savvy mind you.

    Its finding a quality touchscreen i find to be the problem, iv found a few decent sites which sell the other required hardware
  2. maff

    maff VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Can't see the point dude as tablets are quite cheap nowadays. Unless your looking for a project to keep you busy? What sort of spec and OS are you think it about?
  3. Kong

    Kong Member

    More so the personalisation. 10'' Touchscreen, Dual boot for android4.4 and windows8.1, customise the number/location of usb power button etc...

    Intel processor possibly due to fast IPS or odroid-xu4 looks pretty good, better battery >10k mAh
  4. Bren_dan

    Bren_dan Member

    Just but a decent model tablet and ROOT it. Then you can personalise/customize it how you want...

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