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Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by montfort, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. montfort

    montfort Member

    Has anyone done an epg importer CustomMix to remove the blank SSHD channels from ABM.
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  2. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    Ive started but as im not effected I couldnt be sure of the channels. Try this CustomMix it delete 501 to 510.

    Just remove/add any deletes you need.

    Unzip and FTP cable_uk_virgin_CustomMix.xml to usr\lib\enigma2\python\Plugins\SystemPlugins\AutoBouquetsMaker\custom

    And re scan AutoBouquetsMaker

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  3. grog68

    grog68 TK Veteran Forum Supporter

  4. adamsm

    adamsm Member

    That's great works a treat, just for future proofing though has anyone done a removal of all the hd channels, as I reckon all these will me moving over to the V6/IPTV box sooner rather than later :-(
  5. dsayers2014

    dsayers2014 TK Veteran

    I think ABM will remove once all areas are affected. You can just add more deletes if you want to, also see here I have swapped HD for SD http://www.techkings.org/posts/850699/

    For anyone that uses my CustomMix files im n the middle of doing separate files for removing Sports HD channels.
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