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DM800 clone tuner A empty

Discussion in 'Dreambox DM800' started by ismiddy, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. ismiddy

    ismiddy Member

    hello all looking for some help with my dm800 clone getting tuner a is empty all the time what can this be please ??
  2. amazon mike

    amazon mike Member

    Ensure cable is in correctly and second test the cable in another tuner or box

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  3. ismiddy

    ismiddy Member

    hi thanks for your quick reply.just checked cable and all working fine so must be the box had it for about 7/8 years now so its lasted long.
  4. Toysoft

    Toysoft Member

    Wrong image
  5. 1jon22

    1jon22 Member

    I am having same problem, image downloaded o.k. but tuner A empty, which image is good for DM800pvr ? Thanks

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