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DM8000HD : OpenPLi 4.0 IPTV Japhar ExtePlayer3/GStreamer 1.11.1/ 1300 IPTV FREE FTA C

Discussion in 'Dreambox DM8000 HD' started by Toysoft, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Toysoft

    Toysoft Member

    OpenPLi 4.0 IPTV Japhar ExtePlayer3/GStreamer 1.11.1/ 1300 IPTV FREE FTA Ch


    - Compatible Wifi dongles (Built-in) :

    Ralink RT73, RT61, RT3070, RT3370, RT5370, RT7777
    Realtek 8712u, 8188cu / 8192cu
    ZyDAS zd1201, zd1211rw

    - DVB-T Installable from Feeds :

    Abilis AS102-SKY (AS102)
    AverMedia Volar Black 850 (AF9015)
    AverMedia A835 / B835 (AF9035)
    AverMedia Tv Volar Green (AF9035)
    AverMedia Sky DigitalKey A867 (A867)
    Hauppauge Nova-T (DIB0700)
    Hauppauge WinTV Siano Ministick (SIANO)
    Pinnacle PCTV 74e (AS102)
    TerraTec Cinergy T2 (CinergyT2)
    TerraTec Cinergy T XE (AF9005)
    TerraTec Cinergy T XE v2 (AF9015)

    and the following Chipsets
    AF9005 Chipset
    Chipset AF9015
    Chipset AF9035
    SIANO Chipset
    Chipset DIB0700
    Chipset AS102
    Chipset A867

    DM8000HD Japhar :
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  2. ismiddy

    ismiddy Member

    sorry to ask is this an image for the dreambox 800hd ?
  3. Toysoft

    Toysoft Member

    This one is for a DM8000HD (3 zeros) and not DM800HD. There is also the version for the DM800HDpvr, that you can find/download.

  4. ismiddy

    ismiddy Member

    Thanks for your quick reply TS sorry to ask this but could u put a link up pls been looking all morning lol
  5. Toysoft

    Toysoft Member

    You have a DM800HD section, where you have all here, if you search in the DM8000HD section images for DM800HD, then you will not find them. So just go to the DM800HD section and I posted there as here but for DM800HD there.


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