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Do I need a new install?

Discussion in 'General Cable TV.' started by stefos, May 17, 2017.

  1. stefos

    stefos Member

    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody can help me please, I currently have a h2s but with the channels going off I was thinking about going down the cable route. There is no white box in the house so I thought I would have to get Virgin installed, however, I've seen this Virgin box on the outside. Would it be possible for me to get this up and running again? Thanks

  2. dt99

    dt99 TK Veteran

    You will need to sign up for VM broadband so that you get an active line with them, or basic TV package..........basically you need an active Virmin line into the house, sign up for something, an engineer will then be out to set it all up for you.......the buy your cable box/line etc and off you go.
  3. ellobee

    ellobee Member

    If you currently have VM BB then there might be a tv signal on your bb cable, If not I wouldn't mess about with an exterior VM box, its too easy to get caught and possibly prosecuted.
  4. stefos

    stefos Member

    No I don't currently have Virgin. The house used to have Virgin before I moved in but the white box that is usually in the house has been removed, however, the brown box is there. I wasn't sure if I could just push the cut wire back into the house and put a cap on it and see if it's getting a signal? Or do you need to have a white box inside? Thanks
  5. Damien26

    Damien26 Member

    cable line may be live, try it you will need current bb provider.
  6. ellobee

    ellobee Member

    Yeah you could do that temporarily just to see if there is a signal, but if there is and you decide to use it then I would install a white box in your house, I think those internal boxes have surge protection built in, so if you didnt use one you could potentially damage your own equipment.
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  7. ste

    ste TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    They have one of these inside the box inside the house...

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  8. stefos

    stefos Member

    Thanks for all your help so far, appreciate it. I've opened the box and there's one wire that was going into the house, so I've pushed it through, there's another wire on the outside that has been cut aswell, does that need to be pushed through aswell? Or is it just a case of capping that wire that's in the house now then connecting a cable box to it and seeing if I get BBC?


  9. ste

    ste TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    I think the smaller wire is the telephone one so you don't need that - i'd just make up the cable inside the house and connect a box to it to test but be weary of connecting it directly without one of those splitters.
  10. ellobee

    ellobee Member

    Yeah thats a bit of a strange setup, looks like there is a hole in the wall to the right of the brown box as well, I wonder is that where the smaller cable went originally, anyway I would try the big cable on its own first, if you get a chance could you take a picture of the end of the smaller cable, is it a coax??
  11. razzledazzle

    razzledazzle Member

    Just put connector on the end. Mine is same outside and i have bb, thin wire is telephone . Isolators go inside in the white box. Just try it first too see if it's live, youll need your area net id. If its live you can pick those up cheap enough, nowadays tho they dont use them it all depends on how close/faraway from green box you are and they are built into moulded cables...

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  12. stevepoulter

    stevepoulter Member

    Vermin now terminate any unused connections in the local cabinet. Especially connection s not used for a very long time. As they cause signal ingress on the network.

    You might be lucky and it may be live, no harm in trying I suppose
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