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Fed up with IPTV

Discussion in 'IPTV Guides Support and Discussions' started by shah1, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. shah1

    shah1 Registered

    Probably been said before but kinda fed up of the constant freezing, buffering when trying to watch content using IPTV! Not sure if there any decent servers out there as most if not all seem to be using the same source which if you ask me, is a load of crock!

    So is there anyone out there willing to prove me wrong... Do these glitch free servers exist?? Because I'm beginning to think they don't!
  2. whackball

    whackball Registered

    You would think right. Also there are many reasons for experience issues and not all down to the provider.
  3. shah1

    shah1 Registered

    Like what?
  4. nicoj24

    nicoj24 Forum Supporter

    Which box are you using?
    How is it connected to the router?
    Do you often reset your router turn it off completely?
    Broadband speed?
    How many users on internet at once etc?

    To mention a few.
  5. shah1

    shah1 Registered

    Well its virgin fibre 50megs
    Use a smart tv with the Smart STB app
    Don't switch the router off and only reset when I need to.

    Don't think this would have a massive impact, it's mainly down to the crap that is being sold on here, too many resellers claiming to have their own servers.
  6. nicoj24

    nicoj24 Forum Supporter

    Occasionally mate you have to unplug or pull power lead out of the router, I know a few people recently who have had problems with Virgin internet. Don't always blame the provider.
  7. stuss

    stuss TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Decent providers do exist.. believe me.
    Keep looking..
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  8. Anths79

    Anths79 Registered

    I have tried loads of iptv providers and it is always constant freezes if the channel even comes on. You say you are on virgin why not get a enigma 2 cable box and try a virgin cline on that or bite the bullet and just get a sky or virgin package.
  9. shah1

    shah1 Registered

    Did think about that but thought I'd give IPTV a go first. Cable will no doubt have the same fate as Sly in near future so kinda reluctant to invest in enigma 2 box.
  10. siilver

    siilver TK Veteran

    Then just buy the real thing then
    If iptv isn’t working for you and cable is already finished for you

    Who up and see if you can get a deal
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  11. stuss

    stuss TK Veteran Forum Supporter


    try a different box. mag322 decent provider sorted . Or Formuler z7 +
    It's not always the provider occasionally it could be box issue.connection problem. I thought iptv would be like c/share. I got a rude awakening. But iptv has got better.
    Don't give up..
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  12. wooshman

    wooshman VIP Member Forum Supporter

    Like Stuss said:

    Decent providers do exist, know their stuff and provide a good stream.
  13. stuss

    stuss TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Love that tune..
  14. Idledawn

    Idledawn Registered

    Hi shah1
    Good guys on here giving good advice,
    Do the research, test an hr /week / mth plenty of big providers
    It's quite eze may last eternal(y)
    Keep at it
  15. xero50

    xero50 Registered

    Much of this sort of thing is about how much you are willing to put into it in terms of time and effort, and most of that particular effort will be to do with your LAN, Router and ISP.
    Basic rules to observe are to stay away from the big-6 ISP's
    Never ever ever use any appliance supplied by an ISP for any reason
    Never ever use an ISP's DNS resolver
    Basically, take ownership of your network and make it work for you
    Make no mistake about it, the main-stream ISP's don't want you doing what you are doing and will do their best to frustrate you and censor you - sure they will call it something like 'safety' or 'protection' of something of the sort, but at the end of the day it amounts to censorship pure and simple.

    Having done that, you will then have half a chance of optimising your equipment for the service that you are using

    There are some very good IPTV provider's out there, and frankly in my experience most of the very good ones are re-sellers. Naming any of them here in public posts is against the house rules and rightly so IMHO
    I guess what I am saying is, if you want this to work, you need to be prepared to do your bit if you want to get the value from it.
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  16. grahamer67

    grahamer67 Registered

    The secret is finding them, you will probaly try about 50 before you get the decent one, heh, heh, but as stuss says it is getting better , i dont use it myself, but if cable ever goes pear shaped, then i will have to try and get one of the few good providers, just hope its not for a good while yet.
  17. stuss

    stuss TK Veteran Forum Supporter

    Your inbox should be getting some abuse by now with offers. .
    My advise is keep looking . Or now world cup is upon us..look for offers .
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  18. dt99

    dt99 TK Veteran

    @shah1 I was in the same position and I had a whole thread on it.....fed up with IPTV and I was giving up.

    Taking into account the cost of broadband/phone etc, I now have Sky Q for entertainment, HD and kids.

    Terrarium for Movies and Box Sets and IPTV for sport only.

    The cost of sky and IPTV is less than the average IPTV for me now.

    Sky/Broadband/Phone is now £45 p/m for me....without sky TV I was paying £38 p/m for phone/broadband, so sky is £7 a month for me.

    £40 a year IPTV, so all my TV is less than £11 a month.

    Yes IPTV is getting better but it's not always the cheapest and best way.....just a thought for you. I got all that from ringing sky for a deal.
  19. shah1

    shah1 Registered

    Xero50 thanks for your input but I haven't a f....... clue what all the top bit is about! Please explain.

    @stuss do you know what the difference is between the Formuler Z7+ and Formuler Zx?
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  20. dt99

    dt99 TK Veteran

    To be fair you are correct in what you say, there are loads of resellers on here selling the same old rubbish. However, the Smart TV app could be your problem.

    The supplier i use now told me not to use my Smart TV as it's just not powerful enough, I ignored him and the service on the TV was awful. I switched to a FireStick and it was spot on. So it could just be that. Same supplier, different device.

    On the other hand, I have used plenty of suppliers and had bad service using every device you can think of, it's one of those things, you have to keep on searching.

    As I said earlier though, I only use it for sport, if you are using IPTV for all of your TV viewing then you are going to get annoyed with it.