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Flash your Vu+ Duo via USB stick

Discussion in 'Vu+ DUO Support' started by bobby123, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. bobby123


    Quick guide how to flash a VU+ Duo receiver with a USB stick. Tools required are just your favourite image and at least a 128mb memory stick formatted FAT32.

    1. Format you memory stick on your PC FAT32.
    2. Create a directory in called vuplus.
    3. Within the the vuplus directory create another folder called duo.
    4. Unzip the USB upgrade files into that directory.
    5. Power off your VU+ Duo.
    6. Insert memory stick into front USB slot.
    7. Power on your VU+ Duo and follow the on screen instructions
  2. eddhutch123

    eddhutch123 Member

    Simples !!![​IMG]

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  3. cdromtom

    cdromtom Member

  4. Mozilla123

    Mozilla123 Member

    Thanks. Nice easy instructions for a n00b like me!

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