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Cable Flashing zgemma star lc

Discussion in 'Zgemma-Star H1' started by pidsteruk, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. pidsteruk

    pidsteruk Member

    help needed i cant seem to get it to boot from usb wen usb inserted in back of box press on button eveyone says it should flash up usb but all i get is boot ??
    any suggestions and i cant even access from ftp cant connect to box ???
  2. sheiky

    sheiky Member

    you will need to use a dedicated LC image only cant use any other zgemma image, search download section.
  3. jkirkham10

    jkirkham10 Member

  4. Ianevans99

    Ianevans99 Member

    /was this sorted ..there is an easy fix.
  5. fleet442

    fleet442 Member

    same today carnt find falsh image lol anyhelp would be appreciated
  6. returnofjim

    returnofjim Member

    Here are the openatv images for the LC http://images.mynonpublic.com/openatv/nightly/index.php?open=zgemmaslc

    Format your usb stick to FAT32.

    Download and extract image to usb stick

    Box turned off put usb stick in back of box

    turn box on when it says USB on display press the front power button and it should come up FLSH

    Wait for it to flash and reboot.
  7. pjd24

    pjd24 Member

    I've tried doing this but bypasses the flash and boots up, tried with low level format and that wouldn't work either, is it to do with make of usb, tried kingston 8gb and 4gb and generic
  8. Fez1

    Fez1 Member

    Open the flash folder rename the noforce file to force and try again.
  9. pjd24

    pjd24 Member

    just looked in the folder and its already called force,
  10. Fez1

    Fez1 Member

    Has to be an issue with the usb stick then follow the advice above i use the HP format tool.

    If it does not work then try another usb stick the zgemmas can be fussy.
  11. pjd24

    pjd24 Member

    tried kingston 4gb and 8gb, a 132gb generic and all three don't work, is there a size or make to use? what type did you use?
  12. Fez1

    Fez1 Member

    Kingston work fine for me mate.
  13. Fez1

    Fez1 Member

    Kingston work fine for me mate.
  14. Hi Guys. Wondering if anyone can help me? So following on from the channels going off on the sly platform i am now looking to get myself on the VM platform. I already have the feeds coming in and am literally ready to go - but just wanted to ask which box to go for. I did try the ZGEMMA-Star LC, installed the IPAB etc and found the setup was easy with step by step you get but however for some reason the pictures just used to pause for very long periods...it had nothing to do with internet speed as speed test confirmed this was all good, also the line was decent as i have the same one still working for astra and hotbird on another box and it hardly glitches. Ine the end i put it down to the box or the software as when i used to go on menu it always just used to become stuck just like the picture.

    Moving forward can anyone suggest a decent box please that you have experienced?
  15. Andy Mcd

    Andy Mcd Member

    If your looking for a nice cheap cable box i would get The H2 never had any trouble with it runs a dream.

    If you have bit more cash you wanna use can go fot the H5 2TC.
  16. wullboy

    wullboy TK Veteran

    Zgemma H5,2TC..
  17. ste

    ste TK Veteran

    Please can you send me a link for the cheap one mate where i can purchase from - cheers matey

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