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Discussion in 'Forum Rules.' started by HiTeck, May 12, 2009.

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  1. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    In order for everyone to enjoy Techkings.org we have a few simple rules Please everyone read the following rules and abide by them at all times to prevent problems on the forum. If you see the rules being broken do not try and do the job of the Moderators, please report the post and leave it for us to sort it out.

    Thank you!

    1. Please respect each other and don't flame new members, we all have to start somewhere and new members should be made to feel welcome here and encouraged to stick around. Do NOT predict that every member that joins is here to only download and run, we have to give each and every person here a chance to join in and get involved on our forum.
    2. NEVER SEND MONEY to members here via Friends and Family using PayPal or any other payment method. You have ZERO Guarantee this way and do not moan at us if you get ripped off. This is a payment issue you have to take up with the payment vendor you used.
    3. The use of temporary disposable email services is strictly not permitted!
    4. Under NO circumstance are you allowed to post images that contain any sexual content or that can be deemed sexually gratifying, this will result in a permanent ban. Absolutely no adult content or anything you wouldn't be willing to show to a 12 year old relative. No excuses.
    5. We are not here for your financial gain, you are not permitted to offer anything here without prior informing the administrator by email at webmaster@techkings.org and agreeing the rights.
    6. No text speak please - it is really irritating! Please use English. Persistent abusers will be warned and have their account suspended (depending on the severity and persistence to ignore the rule).
    7. Links to other sites will be looked upon as advertising and your post will be removed / edited and you maybe even banned from the forum, if you want to advertise with us, drop us an email at webmaster@techkings.org and we will work out a fee.
    8. Any posts that we feel will deter new members from joining in on the forum will be deleted and the poster will be reminded of the rules. Further reminders will result in a Infraction-s and continued abuse will result in a ban from the forum for a period of time that the Moderators see fit, continued abuse can and will result in a permanent ban.
    9. You will have to post once on the forum so that you have the permission to download, please make sure the post is constructive, posts that are pointless or in the wrong sections just to gain the permission will be removed and so will your post count.
    10. Any multiple accounts within the same household need to be verified with Admin prior to creation, our system will detect multiple accounts and if not previously approved by Admin all said accounts will be terminated.
    11. Post your question only once! Don't cross-post your questions to multiple forums!
    12. No ALL CAPS MESSAGES/POSTS/THREAD TITLES!, Caps is to other's a form of shouting, we do not tolerate this here so dont do it on our forum.
    13. DO NOT post other members or your own personal information on the open forum, posting personal information about other members or threatening to (regardless of how little info you give) will result in an instant ban.
    14. No foul language, insults, personal attacks or otherwise rude messages.
    15. Any racist, bigotry or discrimination in Thread or posts will not be tolerated AT ALL!.
    16. Discussions about hacking or modifying Cable OR Sky company equipment is not allowed and will be removed and if it is repeated by the same member or IP address, there account here will be either banned for a period of time or banned permanently.
    17. Cable Keys or Codes are not allowed to be posted on this forum in any form so please do NOT ask for them, if you want keys codes then please go elsewhere.
    18. Do not post links to other forums with similar content, we like to keep all the info here but feel free to share info with us here from other forums if you wish.
    19. Do not request, post or link to warez, NZB, torrents, cline test servers, keygens and serials nor sites that have these links stored in there database.
    20. Signatures are not to contain advertising of any kind unless prior permission has been given, for VIP's - signatures have no limit (within reason), all other usergroups signatures are not to exceed 500 px wide and 200 px high. Absolutely no adult content or anything you wouldn't be willing to show to a 12 year old relative.
    21. Avatars are not to contain advertising of any kind unless prior permission has been given, VIP's avatar size can be upto 150px wide and 200px tall all other usergroups are to be 150 px by 150 px or less. Absolutely no adult content or anything you wouldn't be willing to show to a 12 year old relative.
    22. We reserve the right to remove any thread or post for any reason at any time.
    23. Any files stored within Techkings will remain the responsibility of the uploader. Any topics discussed on Techkings are considered to be for educational or experimental use only.
    24. It is our policy that user accounts and or posts will not be deleted. Members at no point own any of the posts they create. All posts remain the property of the database owner. Please note that this is done to ensure the continuity of the forums.

    I and the Moderators hope you enjoy the forum and thank you for taking the time to read through these rules.

    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017
  2. HiTeck

    HiTeck Administrator Staff Member

    Infractions Rules.

    Here is how infractions work from here on due to members ignoring a few rules we have, especially members posting thanks rather than using the post thanks system we have here.

    It may sound harsh but look at it another way, who wants to visit a forum where every other post is thanks, cheers, nice one etc, no more post warnings will be given, infractions will be given out and your post will be deleted.

    Adult Content - Permanent Ban, You're done here.
    Spammed Advertisement will be given 9 Points and lasts for - Permanent
    Signature Rule Violation will be given 1 Point and lasts for - 31 Days
    Posting Thanks will be given 1 Point and lasts for - 31 Days
    Posting Crap To Gain Post Count will be given 2 points and lasts for 31 Days

    All Usergroups will be banned if they accumulate 3 Points = 7 Days ban
    All Usergroups will be banned if they accumulate 6 Points = 31 days
    All Usergroups will be banned if they accumulate 9 Points = Permanent

    This will be done automatically, if a Moderator gives you an infraction it will be stored in our database, if you get another it will be added to your previous infraction, if you go over the threshold listed you will be banned for the said period.

    If you receive an infraction think of it as a warning, it's not the end of the world but more of a reminder to stick to the forum rules, after you receive the infraction DO NOT start sending pm's (private messages) to the Moderator asking why, they only give them out if you have broken the rules.

    Any abuse sent to the Moderators will lead to a permanent ban regardless of your usergroup. They are here to help, not to get earache from members that can not follow our simple rules.

    Again, thank you for reading these infraction rules.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017
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